On Overload?

The Otherlife
Yes, this is also part of writing. Our brain works for us on a 24/7 time schedule. Even in our sleep, our brain works. No wonder we wake up in bad moods, tired, and overloaded.
We have schedules, time tables and deadlines for a blog post, a writing assignment, an edit, and you name it. Then, we have to write new material, or a sequel, or decide to change genres. Our brain functions in all of these changes and events, but sometimes our body does not.

We go from one thought to another, jump into unknown territory and scramble to complete three things at the same time. Poor brain. Still, this majestic part of our body is always on alert to danger and can signal us of the dangers ahead. Have you ever thought about “what could happen?” instead of the present, your heart beats faster and you get tense.
Can we do something about this? Of course, slow down, get in the present, and stay in the present and . . . . no way. There are so many things that needs attention. We cannot quit worrying about not doing our best (perfectionist) or being the best caregiver and cannot quit multitasking.

STOP! Think of the practice of Yoga, the mindfulness we keep forgetting about. Stress gets to our lives in so many ways, but we can learn to control this and give ourselves a happy outlook. Sorry, but go offline for a full twenty-four hours. Yeah, I spelled this out instead of using figures, to soften the blow. But there are emails to answer, research to do, picking kids up from school, dinner to cook, laundry piled up, and the last two chapters to finish, and then editing. I’m so far behind.

Unclench your teeth. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out. But, that’s kids’ stuff. Try it, and while you are doing this release the muscles around your eyes, let your face relax. Roll you chin down and then over to the right shoulder, back to center, and over to the left shoulder.

Schedule “worry time.” What? Yes, we all have worries, but why keep them with you every second of every hour of every day. Make an appointment with yourself and list all of your worries. Read this list, and then tear it up. Worries are gone.

Remember the old rubber band snap? It still works. Put a rubber band on your wrist and give yourself a slight snap. If this doesn’t work snap harder and quit thinking of what you should have done and look at what you do have. What about a massage? What about a manicure or pedicure or BOTH? Relax into the moment. This is YOUR time, enjoy.

Learn to focus on the present. Forget all the pressures and take one item at a time. I’ll answer ten emails, finish the next chapter, and grab a take-out dinner for this evening. Do these few simple avenues release the jumpy stomach feelings? How about the tightness in your hands and feet. Hey, the driver of the car in front of you might be going through some of the same. Smile, and say to yourself, “been there, done that, and no more.”

Happy Release. Happy Procrastination. Happy Present.