Are You Lazy or Relaxed?

Two friends“Hey, Patricia’s back and what a way to start out, but I’m not going to answer that question, are you, Edna?”

“No way, but you know she has the strangest ideas, maybe we can get an insight on this, Ethel. Let’s see what she has to say.”

Got you on that one, right? These two words mean so may different thing to so many different people. Just because you are sitting and staring out the window, could be your way of getting your thoughts together, making a list of chores for the day, or planning the next novel in your head. Then, it might mean you have done all of the above and want to take a few moments to relax, happy to be ahead of the ‘eight’ ball.

Remember, way back when, ‘idle hands make devils hands,’ or something similar. You need to keep your hands busy and stay productive. This will keep you out of trouble, and we more or less believed.

But these beliefs belong to both non-writers and writers. In either area, stress is bound to hit both and in this blog, we will not distinguish but make a combination of  both areas.

Stress, we get it in the news, at work, through emails, or by word-of-mouth. The smallest thing appears huge and we let this take over our lives and our thoughts. This would be a good arc in a story, be we are not characters in a book. We are real, live people. Yet, when we decipher these small thoughts and think about their hold on us, it can be comical.

And, this brings another part of our lives we sometimes forget–LAUGHTER. When was the last time you had one of those ‘good belly laughs.’ You know the kind where you laugh, giggle, double over with great guffaws, the eyes water and tears run down your cheeks? What? You don’t remember? Why not? Better yet, when was the last time you laughed at yourself? Oh, come on and confess. We are humans, who do stupid things to ourselves. I for one have a tendency to take off my glasses and not remember where I put them. I’ve even located them in the refrigerator, along with the keys to the car. With the world-changing minute by minute, the need for more speed under our fingers (like right now) becomes intensified. Stress builds and is taken to another higher level. We’ve been programmed to get more done, and then that is not enough, and we stress out.

What do you do when you get this amount of stress in your life? Here are some ‘off the cuff’ ideas, but I want to hear about yours. Watch a movie on DVD in the middle of the day. Read a book for enjoyment. Forget making the bed. And with good reason, you’ll crawl into it again at night. Sure, these are simple ideas and for some people this would be the breaking straw.

As writers, what would you have a character do in your writing that is completely out of sight? Would this be something you want to do, afraid to do, and give the task to your character?

Think about these ideas and PLEASE let me hear back from you. There is no doubt, we would make all of us laugh, de-stress us for a few minutes, and let the endorphins of laughter seep into our bodies and minds. We’ll catch more on the next blog and get this ball rolling so we can laugh, dance, write, and be the best we can without any stress.

Happy Relaxed You. Happy Lazy You. Happy Writing.

the car.



BlogI am a little late in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but what is wrong with the day after? All the hard work is done, like shopping, menu planning, guest lists. The only thing left are the leftovers and memories.

Thanksgiving used to be a simple day, a gathering for family, friends, and strangers. Yes, strangers. Thanksgiving was a day of celebration of the fruits of the harvest and preparations for winter.

Now, we start celebrating our Thanksgivings slid in between the Spirits of Halloween and the Christmas Stockings. Every year, I notice the orange and black colors of Halloween, the red and green colors of Christmas, overshadowing the Pilgrims and turkeys get hidden somewhere down another aisle.

We worry about the menu, the space, and maybe something new. What’s wrong with all of the old stand-by items? Do you realize, we are still celebrating with most of the same menu the Indians had? Let’s take a look, and sorry if  miss one or two: turkeys, wild caught and cooked over a fire, not in one. Potatoes and turnips, grown and dug up just before the big day. Corn on the cob, fresh corn in the bread, later known as cornbread, tomatoes, onions, and pumpkins ready to roast. There was no worry about matching silverware, or even silverware for that matter. Fingers worked great. Dishes may have included woven mats piled high from the open fire. Seating arrangements included the Chief and the rest all squashed in beside him, legs crossed, and the singing or chants to assure blessings today and for future crops.

Now, we sit and wiggle. We try to make the correct choice of fork, spoon and try not to dribble on the linen table-cloth. Instead of being quiet and sharing our thoughts and ideas, we hurry up, and head to the living room, den, or which ever room holds the television. Football is the thrill of the day. Oh, wait! The stores have opened and if we do not dive into the crowds, we will miss the best bargain of the season.

Then, we realize we feel empty, no not in the stomach area, but in the heart and soul. I wish you to have a full heart, a contented soul, and a feeling of gratefulness with all of your families, friends, and acquaintances.

Yes, I am home the day of Thanksgiving and enjoy my friends. I’ve talked to my son and his wife, heard all of the laughter of their family, and still feel as though I am there. Better yet, I am home the day AFTER Thanksgiving and satisfied to be quiet. There is always tomorrow, and I’d rather hit it full of energy, blessings, and not bruises from outlandish shoppers.

I pray that all of you are happy, relaxed, satisfied, and ready to tackle December. We only have one more month to clean up our acts of 2014 and prepare the way for 2015. Let’s do this in high style.


Thanks to all of my followers and letting me spew out a few feelings.  Blessings to all of you and your families. May you gather strength and knowledge and share this with everyone.

Happy Writing. Happy Stories. Happy Lives.