Two friends“Hey, Ethel, did you see the title of her new blog? Bet she got this from our friendship.”

“Edna, we gave her a great picture of connection. Let’s see what she has to say.”

Look at the blank page before you begin writing. Do you know what your mind has for your fingers to create? This is like a blank canvas and your mind can develop anything you want. But, have you thought out your picture? What about your story? Pictures and stories seem to coincide. Your picture can stir up thoughts of a story and your story can create pictures in your mind. Yep, they go hand-in-hand. Sometimes as writers, we have looked at pictures as prompts and encouraged to write twenty-five words about the picture. As an artist, we read a story and see everything in pictures or paintings. Some are lucky and can do both–me, let’s just say do not put a paint brush in my hand. I cannot do good on walls, let alone a small piece of paper.

What if you have started your story and had to stop. Do you go back and take the time to read what you have written. No, not just a sentence or two, but maybe a chapter. You need to keep the characteristics of your characters the same and plod forward. You do not want that meek character to turn into an arrogant creature in the next sentence. This is where you connect from reading a few pages back.

Once you are into your story and spend time with your characters, it is easier to pick up where you stopped. You now their behaviors, their dispositions, and their voices. Voice is important for all of your characters. Even without naming the speaker, the reader knows the voice. The character uses their specific words to express themselves and the way they articulate their words. The reader ‘knows’ this person you have created.

If you are writing a singe title book, the characters are there just for this book. But, what happens if this is a series? You will need to carry your characters over to the next book with some their same traits. Of course, they may change as you give them opportunities to grow. Guess what? Now you have more choices to make and more time with your characters.

This is where the pictures in your mind help you connect. Be free with your pictures and your characters will show you their other side(s). Most of all, have fun with your writing and let your characters lead you down different paths.

Happy Pictures. Happy Characters. Happy Writing.


Is Your Creativity on Vacation?

images_080Have you ever had an idea pop into your head and find no pen, no paper, and no computer near? I’ll remember. No problem.
Or, have you ever sat down at the computer and the fingers could not find the keys you need?
What about pen and paper, a notebook in the car, and you can’t remember what was so important?
No, you are not going ‘out of your mind.’ Your creativity decided on a vacation without your permission. But you have other avenues until the unannounced recess is over.
Remember, way, way back to the prompt days? Sometimes these are right under our fingers and we forget. Let’s go back a few years or so and revive our mind, brain, and get the creativity back.
Look around your home, or your office, or on your desk. Pick up the first object you see. Touch it. Feel it. Examine all of it; look at the color, the texture, the weight, and imagine this as part of a new scene. Now close your eyes and visualize this object in a story. Could this be the missing piece to your heroine’s story? Or, is this object big enough to be the murder weapon? See, now you are on a roll.
What about all of the old photographs we used to see? Pull out a picture album, if you still have one, and leaf through the pages. I’m sure there are several that bring back fond memories and others that make you want to hide under your desk. Maybe there are some that have you laughing until the tears slide down your face. Now, pick one and let your mind work its magic. You might even forget about the picture and the landscape is the most important thing you see. Hey, a new setting for your story?
Creativity still on vacation?
Go to your bookshelf or shelves. Look at all the books you have and pick one up at random. Hey, close your eyes and grab. Look at the title, but do not open the book. Think of a different story with the same title. How would you start the story? What different setting would you use? What about the characters? Would you change their looks, style, put them in a different genre? See, already your mind is racing back to your disabled story. And, by the way, isn’t that your creativity working your fingers.
    Vacation is over. Your ‘Creativity is ready to reward you with its own avenues.

Happy Writing Every Day.