Lost ConfidenceDays get hectic, some more than others. I’ve tried to analyze the business, but nothing seems sane. We pull up the calendar or schedule on the computer, and then double-check the I-phone. Every minute taken up with some chore, activity — YOU NAME YOURS.

Sure, there are a lot of things we can’t ignore like feeding the family, getting groceries, sending the kids to school, and if you work outside the home, another chunk of time. If both hubby and wife are employed, the chunk gets bigger.

Then, there is the time to schedule for kids’ activities, meetings, writing and meeting deadlines. Hey, what about the gym for exercise and


You need to get centered, calm, and clarify yourself. Wouldn’t you like to improve your creativity, concentration and connection to others?


I hear your replies loud and clear – “I do not have time for this. I’m too busy.” No, you are not going to sit cross-legged and go into a trance with “HMMMMM or AHHHHH.” Start out slow. When you wake up, do not jump out of bed. Instead, take a minute or two for some deep breaths from your lower abs to your chest. Feel the breath creeping up and filling your lungs, and then a deep exhale as the breath returns to your abs. Practice. Practice. During the day while driving, working or wherever the day takes you. In just this little bit of time, you become aware of a clear mind and get to know your body. Make this your daily silent time without anyone knowing what you are doing. Your private breathing time. Soon, you will find yourself more cool, calm, and collected in everything you do,


Do not be surprised when you increase this time from one or two minutes upward. A silent mind is the rewards you gain along with no clutter in your thoughts.  Your daily activities seem less hectic and your enjoyment of life fuller.

Inhale, exhale, inhale exhale and breathe deeper and enjoy with every breath you take.

Listen to YOUR body.








YouI know I said we’d do a little more in the critique process area, and we will, just not at this time. I have had this word, “PASSIONS,” floating around in my head and cannot shake hard enough to let the letters fall to the floor. No, I do not do resolutions for the new year. Why? They are of no use. If after day 1, of the new year, I screw (oops, pardon) up, then I feel the whole year will be that way. New Year’s Resolutions set people up for failure.

Now, let us take PASSION. Passion grabs you at any time, any place and any year. SO, WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS? First let me ask you, “What turns you on?” The second question is “Why aren’t you doing this?” Think on these questions for a while, before you answer. Turn yourself inside out and look at the choices you have made.

All of us have gifts and they get buried. Now is the time for you to get a shovel and see what gifts you can dig up. Sure, a good job and a paycheck are comforts in our environment, but you do have choices out there. Look at things that have the deepest meaning for you and see if there is an opportunity for work in this area. You need to deepen your gifts.

A thought about gardening hits. A nice yard with plenty of flowers and shrubs or a veggie garden. But, your yard is small or you live where you have no yard. OK. Check within your area for community gardens. You get your passions satisfied and meet other people.

You love to read and could sit all day with books around you. Share this passion by reading to children at your local library or starting a book club. Your passion gets filled and overflows into a child’s life or new members of a book club.

Think outside the box.

Put these passions down on index cards and look at them every day. If one does not fit, look for a different avenue, a new choice or decision. Then you find one that does fit, and you soar to new heights. You will find yourself getting closer to working with your passions.

If you are a writer, remember that every writer faces fear and failure before that one golden moment of publication. Why do we continue? We are filled with the PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. of putting words on paper.

But, one words drives all of us in search for our PASSION….PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE.

No more resolutions, just grab your PASSIONS and hang tight. You will find your match. If you want to share, please write down five passions and how you plan to work these into your lives, starting now. No sense waiting until the New Year.

Happy Passion Hunting and let me hear from you.