images_028Does this word scare you? If so, think again and use part of this word as a positive attitude of writing. The word we need to focus on is VISION.

How many times do we read, read, and read our work again. Each time we can find something we missed the last time we read through the W-H-O-L-E manuscript. We get upset at the mistakes we noticed again and sometimes we are so used to seeing our manuscript, we do not read, rather glance over each page. If we use ‘track changes’ or the ‘balloon inserts,’ we might not even double-check them. Why? We did that the last time.

Still there are errors to clean up, names to keep straight, dates, ‘oh my’ the dates, and the seasons. The protagonist cannot be caught in her bikini with snow drifts piled beside the pool. Or the hero sweltering in his overcoat as the sun beats down on the pavement and he races to catch the thief.

Silly thoughts? Of course, but we all make mistakes, and then we hear via an email or received the manuscript back with “this still needs revising,” written in ink all over the first page. It becomes time for the hair-pulling exercise. Yes, our hands to our own head and a few yanks close to the roots.

So instead of going bald, try something new. As we start to read again, all 400 or so pages, look with the word VISION in mind. Each area showing red marks, balloon inserts or other identifying track changes, stop. Can we change this? Is that what we meant to say or show or were we directing our characters? Play around with each marked-up area and listen to what your characters say to you or even show you what can be done to make then more active, more alluring, and even more dangerous.

When we turn off the vision censor, we can let go and see a different setting, a new twist, another layer of the character that wasn’t there before. Maybe, just maybe, we peel away more layers and find the sequel to this manuscript. Then, as we continue with the Vision Process, we become more in step with our writing and our characters. We let our characters have free rein, and sometimes have to curb their intentions.

Is this REVISION? Yes, but with a new twist. We are listening to our characters, seeing improvements to our manuscript, but do we use everything? No. We make adjustments and modifications to our story, save some for the sequel. As we travel through each page, we review, reconsider, find expansions to our story. As we progress, we might even develop new plots to have our characters undertake or risk.

Revision now becomes a mission as we make corrections and let our characters express themselves in different gambles. This makes the VISION of REVISION work for our manuscript.

Happy Revisions. Happy Visions. Happy Writing.


Check Your Joy Stick

Two friends

Hey, we are back to help you put smiles, like ours, on your faces. We love life and try to keep more positive thoughts running through our hearts and minds. The only other kind of thoughts are filled with negativity. These thoughts are self-induced and you do not get the full potential of life. Your thoughts are your actions. If you think on the down side of life, your actions become sluggish and irritating to yourself and others. Replace these actions with positive thoughts and you’ll see a change in your life and others.

Life is not just part of you, life is created by your actions and responses. When you share your joy of life, more joy will come back to you. Some live for the life of pleasure, and this gets you into trouble. Pleasure is a fleeting avenue. You feel great for a while, but it doesn’t last. Then you’ll need more and more of pleasure to get your ego stroked and this becomes self-gratification.

Happiness is an inner contentment.You cannot get happy, but you can be happy. Sure, life throws a lot of ‘stuff’ at you. Only you can make the affirmative decisions to choose how to deal with this. Manage your thoughts and emotions, and you will notice a difference in your health. Take good care of yourself with a lot of practice, practice, and more practice. This comes by learning to love and accept yourself as you continue to practice being a better you.

Look at exercise. When we exercise, we gather feelings of euphoria, which come from the release of endorphins. These contribute positive feelings through our body and mind, which can improve anxiety, stress, fatigue, anger, and self-doubt. Remember you are only a workout away from healthy mind.

Now, is the time to ‘Check Your Joy Stick.’ Get inspired with your positive thoughts and forget the should have’s and the what if’s. Check your life for connectedness, peace, love, self-respect and laughter. Do not forget laughter. Look at us. We would not win a beauty contest on the outside, but we would give you a run for your money for the inside contest. When you are happy, these smiles you make and give away, are making you beautiful from the inside out.

AND – never forget if you want to be happy, you have this power inside you. Keep your Joy Stick on the full level. Do things for others, take a long walk, get a good workout, and always smile. A smile costs nothing, but gives happiness to others.

Look at our picture, and smile with us.