What If?

What did you sayHuh? What if what? This is all about imagination, daydreams and fantasy. If you do not use all of these tools, how can you be creative? Let’s take a look at all three categories and see which ones we need to work on a little harder.

IMAGINATION – are you so wrapped up in reality that you must have your information researched and researched before you start writing? Sure, if you write non-fiction, historical romances, yes. You need the details to be correct, but you also need to use your imagination. You don’t, your writing to read like ‘dullsville.’

Remember as a kid, watching the clouds form and float in the sky? You could see dogs, cats, even your mom or dad. Each day the clouds would create a different picture for you. It was exciting to guess what would be next.

Also, imagination is a game of pretend. You pretend to be something you are not and have fun acting out the part. Why can’t you project this type of playground for your writing? Your characters are part of your imagination and you give them the feeling of being so real, the readers can reach out and attach themselves to your characters’ lifestyles. All of a sudden, you notice your writing becomes more creative and energizing to you and your readers.

FANTASY – You need some of this in your writing. Go way back to Cinderella and look for all of the fantasy throughout the whole book. Look at all of the paranormal writings we now encounter. Fantasy is laced into reality, but you do not lead the reader down either path. All these paths are part of the story. The reader is not misled, rather enticed to keep reading more.

DAYDREAMS – these are part of our daily lives. You know the kind where you can sit and dream of a situation you would love to be in,about the job you always wanted, or about the hero you have yet to meet? Don’t stop and recapture these intimate moments and give your characters their own daydreams.

Look at some of your works-in-progress and see where you could add a fantasy or two. Or, let your heroine daydream about her future, and let your hero imagine himself as a completely different person. Throw blocks in to prevent these happenings and see what creative avenues these characters take to climb over the blocks and get what they want.

As a writer, when you can combine reality with any of these items– Imagination, Fantasy, and Daydreams–and still remain true to your story, your characters, and your readers, you are on A ROLL. Do not stop and see where your encounters take you. Just be true to who you are and what you are writing. Let your mind wander and hear what your heart wants to say. Give your creative side the ‘What If’ attitude and let your pen and paper or your fingers and the keyboard bring you happiness and your readers yelling for more.




images_051Shh…I’m looking up more magic to add to  Monday. I see a wishing well, a magic carpet,  and several good luck charms. One thing I cannot find is a magic pen. Why? This has to come from the writer.

You need to find your magic pen and complete your writing. Stuck? It does not matter if you are a novice, just published, or have a stack of books published. We all get stuck. Our minds, brains, hearts, can hold so much before things get hazy and we need to step back, take a deep breath, and relax.

When this happens, can you remember back to writing prompts? I can hear laughs and imagine heads shaking back and forth. What these prompts can do, is shake up your mind and let you write silly. So, consider magic as a release of proper, and a return to fun.

What about your magic carpet? All you have to do is jump on. Yeah. Right. Yes, right. You can conjure this picture in your mind. Look. There it is floating beside your computer. Take a ride and look at things from the air. When you fly upside down, things take on a difference. Or when you slide by all the problems, time limits, and pressures, you can laugh, have a great time, and see a different prospective. Enjoy your ride.

Lucky charms. Remember the bracelets with all the charms dangling around your wrist? What about the 4-Leaf Clover? How about the “he loves me, he loves me not,” without cheating. Let yourselves be a child again and learn how magic works.

Do not jinx your writing by forgetting the child within. Stand back and look down the wishing well. Yes, in your imagination. This well is deep, narrow, yet you can see the gold coins in the bottom. So, grab a few shiny pennies, make your wishes and toss down the well. Who knows what might happen. You have magic and you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. How? By keeping the pen to the paper, the fingers on the keyboard, ideas lighted by a great fire, and never forget the people who are there to cheer you forward. THIS IS THE MAGIC.

Have a great Magical Monday. Create your magic and make your day the best Monday ever.


Happy Writing.





The OtherlifeDo any of you wake up and know the events of the day will not be smooth?

When I opened my eyes , this cold morning, an OFF DAY greeted me. My head tried to list everything from top to bottom before I could get in a good stretch. Slinging my feet out of warm covers to the cold floor hurt. My toes could not find their slippers. One good thing: SUNSHINE poured into my room.

The coffee process started, I knew this would put a little ‘umph’ into my day. Turning around I choke. All the household chores done the day before showed dust particles on every surface. Dark, dreary days hide the magic of dust and dust bunnies. Then, the sun brightens the windows and dust magic stares back at me over the furniture, floors, and all surfaces.

I blow across the desk, moving some of the sprinkles away from my computer. With the lid open, I hit the ‘on’ key. The screen is filled with sparkles. I continue without bothering about the wipe cloth. At least my brain has strength to write a few pages.

A few paragraphs later, I try to print out the work. I can edit online, but prefer paper and pen to get every mistake, well, most of them. Printer hums, paper goes through, no print. The ink cartridge shows ’empty.’ I check the desk drawer, no make that drawers, for more ink. Nada. Positive I bought two cartridges, I run through some receipts. Only one shows up.

Okay, forget about the printed page until later. It is too cold to jump up and head to the closest office supply store. Besides my robe and slippers are keeping me warm. More coffee. I need more coffee. Back in the kitchen, my stomach growls. Breakfast. I check the cupboards and spot some Brown-Maple oatmeal. This sounds good. A small amount of time passes and I smell a funny order. My fingers are on the keyboard and my oatmeal is scorching in the pan. Good bye, breakfast.

Words are pounding in my head, “Let me out. Let me out.” I comply with no oatmeal but another cup of coffee would help. I watch the words fall from my head to my fingertips. I continue plugging away at the keys, and ignore the ringing phone. I keep writing and the phone keeps ringing. Not to worry. Voice mail will pick up. I am too far away to hear the words, but they will be there later.

I sneak a peek at the clock. Yee! whiskers. I need to get ready to teach my class. If I hurry, I can make it with time to spare. But, no. A tennis shoe has dirty laces and the one stretch top I wanted to wear is in the dirty clothes. Thank heavens, the toothpaste tube is full.

Dressed,  I head to my car knowing there is plenty of gas. I can stop at the store for ink. Time tells me, NO. My brunch will be a couple of bananas. Not a good way to start the day, but work with what you have.

Class is great. Maybe the bananas turned the OFF, off, and I can have a neat day after all. I smile. Then it hits me. Why didn’t I hit the early morning with a bigger smile, a better attitude , and a few shrugs of the shoulders.

I believe, we all need an OFF DAY to bring our lives into the sunshine. Stress fills each day and the smile, the laughter, and the lightness of spirit gets pushed back. Today, let all the brightness you can into your life. If you aimed for 50 pages and got 20 done; hey, you worked. Now, go play. You’ll have company when you get home….dust bunnies.


Energy and Writing

energy You are at your computer, or have your computer in your lap, or lounging on the sofa with your feet propped on the coffee table. You are intense and need those last paragraphs to roll off your finger tips. Your temples pound, the back of your neck aches, and you can feel your eyes go to the bloodshot stage.

What you need is energy. A movement in your body and mind which transports you away from your thoughts and gives you a boost.Times like these, coffee is not the answer. No tea either and definitely not a glass of ‘whatever.’

Your body needs to stretch and twist. Get off the sofa, get out of the chair, and head to the door. If it is raining, or cold, or ya just don’t wanna, okay. I have a few tips for you and they begin with your stereo, I-Pad, a Shuffle, and even the old-fashioned radio stations. Crank up the sound, get some great beats to the music, and dance. Hey, no one is around and you can shake, rattle, and roll all you like. Grab the dust mop handle and you now have a partner to twirl around.

With all these great instruments giving you energy, add in some neat exercises. Can you stand on your toes and wave your arms in the opposite direction? What about balance? Can you hold up one knee and kick the other knee at the same time? Now, a good stretch and bend.

Are you energized yet? NO? How long has it been since you waltzed around a room? Try the 1, 2, 3 step and twirl. Next, go for the Cha-Cha and swing those hips.What about a dance on Broadway. Kick your legs high and pretend to do one of the ‘can-can’ steps.

No room to rock and roll? No problem. Get on the floor and stretch your body from top to bottom. This means arms overhead and feet pushed out. Roll your head from left – to center – to right and back the same way. Have you ever wanted to stick your neck out, along with your tongue? Now’s the time, but add the roar of a Lion to add spice. Keep stretching until there is no muscle left in your body to push and pull.

Now, get comfortable with your body, take deep breaths, inhale and exhale through your nose, and let the natural movements calm your thoughts. If you want to do an ummm-ummm, hit the sound. Is your mind clear, your thoughts out of reach, and your soul quiet? Listen to your breaths and let life give you the quiet of the moment.

You open your eyes and bingo, a new idea has hit and your fingers are ready to run over the keyboard. Energy comes in many different forms. Take time from your writing to find your own new energy path. You’ll be surprised when new positive actions hit your writing, and at the time you need an extra boost.

Energize yourselves and Energize your writing.

Happy Writing.



Finding Balance

I don’t know about you, but sometimes daily life gets out of control. Twenty-four hours are not enough. A full eight hours of sleep is a joke. Thought processes do not stop and the mental “to-do-list” grows longer. I can hit the bed and sleep in one sweep; then my internal clock nudges me at 2, 3, 4:00 a.m. I’ve tried tossing and turning, but nothing helps. Does this sound familiar?

One early morning wake-up, I headed to my computer. No online checks, just writing. This led me to an unfinished sequel to a novel. Bleary eyed, I put fingers on the keyboard and one hour later, had eight pages of new material. I did not attempt to read what I had written. I shut down the link between fiction and reality. Sleep came.

The alarm sang  to me and I awoke refreshed, ready to hit the day. Then, my “to-do list” appeared and I felt overwhelmed. I was Alice swirling down a hole away from home and into a strange place.

Balance. I need balance. Okay, I can agree with this; can you? Balance gives us the stamina to keep going forward. Even the Energizing Bunny needs  a re-charge, once in a while. So I stopped and begin asking questions? Do I exercise? Do I eat nutritious meals? Do I eat on the run? Do I eat standing up? Do I ever sit a place at the table? These are questions you can ask yourself.

Other questions for all of us: how important is your “to-do-list” or is this something that gets you through the day? Do you ever play? This is plan with a “Y”. No, play is for kids. I have responsibilities. Keep going and see all the excuses you have for not playing. Play can be taking a thirty-minute nap; doing nothing; watching a kids’ movie; eating breakfast for dinner; saving the pizza for breakfast. How would you, or how do you combine work and balance?

We are adults, but do we have to be so up tight, we forget to laugh? When we employ responsibilities with laughter, heavy duties with fun challenges and sleepless nights with opportunities, this might put a new balance into our lives. What will it take to bring out the kid in our lives, if only for a couple of hours?

When those early morning hours awake hit, meditate and figure out what you need. Get up and be an innovative early morning thinker. Do not stress out. Dream a little; no dream a lot.

Dreams are the highways to our lives.