What Inspires You?

On FireWhat gets you going every day? A little fire under our feet, or in the pen we are using to write, or the fingers on the keyboard?

Sometimes, we do not think about the actions that propel us to go forward in whatever endeavor we attempt. This is life and we all need to make certain we do things that put some balance in our lives. We all need to be influenced by inspiration. So, where do we get these ideas?

Inspiration is everywhere, except sitting around waiting for these powers to come jump in your lap. We need to be ready and willing to step out and see what is missing in our lives.

As writers, some of our inspiration comes from exploring new surroundings, getting new ideas for our stories. These come from being around other writers, whether critique groups, brainstorming groups, or professional organizations. But, we need the stimulation of others to create new energy.

No matter what you like doing, being alone without other people is not living a balanced life. If you love to cook and always stumble around with the ‘old-hand-me-down’ recipes, you are not reaching toward new inspirations. You need to be with other people who love trying new tastes, new food groups, and be stimulated by the end results.

This could be for gardeners. Yes, if getting outside, digging in the dirt, planting flowers or seeds for a vegetable garden is what you want to do, then make certain you do it. Stimulation is great for the soul and life.

Exercise is another area where we can get inspiration. Once you establish a routine, no make that a daily routine, your body will crave these actions from being outside and meeting other walkers or runners. What about the gym? You will receive motivation from other members, meet different people, and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Inspiration is all around us: the change of seasons, the opportunities to do something different, and increase our creative processes. This about finding your passion or passions and going for whatever it is. Obstacles, of course, lIfe is not perfect, but when we get outside our small little box we try to live in, WOW! Explore these adventures, they are out there for each of us. As writers, we are no different. We need creativity, obstacles, passion and living life to the fullest, and give our readers the best book ever.

Endorse Encouragement. Propel Motivation. Share Stimulation.