Is Conversation in your Platform?

Platform. Platform. Platform. As writers, we hear this word over and over. This is a bio of you, your writings, which include articles, newsletters, your website and your blog. It is not about what you want to write; but about communication on an ongoing basis.

You have all this information out on the internet for people to read. You need to stop and ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” What subjects do you have expertise and could talk about? It is time for your homework.

Who is your audience? What organizations would be included in your audience. How can you reach these people? Wait. I’m lost. Okay, you write fiction, but what genre. Who is the reader of these books. Now, go directly to developing your presence with these groups.

Do you belong to writer groups? Do you meet with them? Do you go in and leave? Not any longer. You connect, talk, be friendly and open. Get to know your fellow writers and let them know you. Say, you connect with only two people; hey, these are two people you didn’t know and now they know you.

Have you ever answered a call to volunteer for one of your organizations? “I do not have time. My writing comes first.” But, if you do not have an audience, who will read your words?

Learn to offer to speak in public. “I can’t get up and talk in front of strangers or friends.” Go at this slow. If you write, you read. Check out book clubs in your genre. You can promote your book and speak to other readers. This could lead to an offer to read at a library and get other authors to come.

If you are aware of a conference, see if there might be an interest for speakers in your genre. You have done a lot of research on material for your book, fiction or non-fiction. You want to share this information with other writers, old or new, coming to the conference.

One last charge — update yourself constantly. Take advantage of every opportunity to get yourself out in the public and COMMUNICATE.

I don’t know about you, but if I speak in public and screw up, I want to be the first person to make fun of me.

Happy visibility to you and your work.