New BLog OutWhy? Because. Yeah, but because of what? Now, do I have your attention? Everyone writes for different reasons and some may seem familiar, some may seem ridiculous, and some may even be the right reason for you. We cannot group writers into one formation and have great stories. This is why different genres play an important part in each writer’s life.

If fame and fortune are your goals, then you need to work hard, harder, and even harder to make your writing and the story stand out from all the others. But, every story has been written. You can only let Cinderella go to one ball, right? You are the writer, take Cinderella to a different kind of ball and to kick-start the story, have her go barefooted. Change the setting and you can change the story into YOUR story.

Some may say to reap the rewards in monetary value. But all writers will not be awarded in the same way. Do you have another book to follow, maybe not a series, but another book in the wings waiting for acceptance by a publisher, or your own type of publishing. One book, no matter how great, will not be enough for writers in today’s publishing business. And, then the readers want more and more. If you are a writer and connect with your readers, then you must continue to honor your readers and craft another story for them and new readers. You write because you want to write and this is where you find pleasure.

Then, you find the most satisfaction in writing a penetrating story that touches even the hardest heart and you realize a goal you’d never thought about. The satisfaction your writing gives another person. And you hear a reader’s response that this story touched me and I could not put it down. Maybe, your writing helped that one individual come to grips with her or his fear, helped them make a decision, or found their love was still with them. You just wrote what was in your heart and let the words fill the pages for another person to read.

You write because you have a writer’s mind and heart. You are interested in the whole process of having ideas and crafting the words. This brings you happiness, even when you become frustrated and do a file save, before getting up from your chair and laptop to do a dance around the room or go for a walk to let the frustration simmer a bit. While you dance with your ‘broom’ partner, new thoughts race through your head. Or on your walk, the sounds of nature fill you with new insight to your frustration and new ideas flow. This is the writer inside you acknowledging your irritation and letting the muse nurture you back to your chair and laptop.

By now, you have a good idea of Why You Write. Keep your writing fresh, invigorating, suspenseful, and full of love for your readers. Surprise your readers. Yet you are the same writer giving new stories to your readers – consistent, interesting, and refreshing.


unicorn danceWhere is your muse right now, this very second? Can you feel a slight pressure on your shoulder? Is that static in your ear or the Muse’s whispers? Is your Muse female, male or whatever it wants to be?

On this Wild Wednesday……………..FIND OUT.

This is your play day with your Muse. Do not rebuke the opportunity. In fact, turn yourself over to the Muse. The word ‘no’ is not in your vocabulary, but you are allowed to go WILD.

All of a sudden your computer shuts down. “This is not funny,” you holler. A flutter of paper grabs your attention as a pen rolls on top.You hear familiar words, “It’s Play Time,” and you nod your head.

You are writing fast, forgetting commas, periods, and the exclamation point cannot be made. You want to stop, but this is impossible. Your pen crosses the paper from top to bottom. Your hand will not move from the paper, instead begins again at the top of the right hand corner and slants sideways. Did you hear a giggle? Muses love fun, games and excitement.

Your writing becomes big, fierce letters like soldiers marching across the paper. Letters travel upward, downward, roll onto small hills, then big mountains, which need to be climbed.

The writing slows and you can see a meadow full of small, yellow flowers. You hear your Muse humming. Your heart beats quicken as you remember the song, “It’s Got to be You.”

Your Muse leaves, but your pen keeps writing your own love story. You cannot stop until this is finished. But which story? The real one or the one you to reveal, or like your Muse, have fun and write the one you want.

Okay, you caught me. This is Thursday and I’m talking about Wild Wednesday? Wild was only the beginning. My computer decided to let me hang out for a while. So, I took the laptop to the doctor. They needed time to do a thorough check-up. I’ll be back in business for a FREE FRIDAY.

Take time and let your fingers roll free over the keyboard, or pick up a pen and feel the connection between your fingers, hands, paper, and heart.

Play with your Muse. Happy Writing.



Music – Coffee Shops and Writing

unicorn dance

Do you use music when you write or do you need silence and isolation?

I love music, but play instrumental as I write. My mind can float with the orchestra or guitar strings and my fingers slide over the keyboard. Of course, the same thing happens if I start out with pen and paper. Soft jazz hits the spot for me. I do not use  music with singing. The songs and words take over my thoughts and my writing stops. What is your favorite music to write with or do you use any?

Coffee shops, do you use them when you write? There are times I need to get ‘out’ and a coffee shop fits the spot. No, I don’t know anyone, but feel alive. In fact, I can turn off the noise, conversations, and write with ease. I have not yet learned how to stop the coffee aroma around me.

Sometimes in spring, summer or early fall, I go to an outdoor patio. I people watch. Body languages are fun to read and may come at the moment when you need a change in your Heroine or Hero. Looking at facial expressions, can add spice to your story. All of your observations are in high gear. Play with your characters and their unsaid languages.

Have you ever been in a scene and nothing works? Your Muse is in hiding and your keyboard hits all the wrong keys. This romantic scene just sits in your mind and not on the computer. I put in a CD of piano music, light a candle, and sip a cup of hot tea. As I begin to relax, my Muse decides to return from her hidden spot. I ignore her. This is my hiding place. When the CD stops, the candle burns out, and the tea gets cold, I’ll be back writing and my Muse? She’ll be back. She needs to insert her view points.

Writing can be done anywhere, anytime, anyway. What are some of the unique avenues you travel when you write?

Have a happy Unicorn writing day.


Lost ConfidenceWHAT AGAIN? I just finished revising and reading and revising. How many times does this happen? Think about this process as a new way to check your revised manuscript.

You now have folders of information on the settings of your story and have made some changes. Take another look–do you still see some difficult areas? Your heart and mind are still wrapped around your story and you might miss some needed changes. These changes will be easy and can be fun. Tighten your seat belt and keep the fingers warm on the keyboard.

This is where you give your MUSE some much-needed time to rest and bring the SENSOR out of his box. He will be riding gunshot for you and you’ll know the areas to revisit. In this section, you need to be the reader and not the writer. Can you feel the story? Do the emotions of the characters swim off the page and into your heart? Can you hear a certain song run through your head as you walk the pages with your characters? Can you visualize the scenes through the music? If not, would a different tune increase the emotions of your characters. Music, writing, characters, and themes all tie themselves together. So listen to your characters and what they want.

Another way to read through your draft is with pictures. Yes, you got some of these through online information. Take some of these out of the research folder and pin them to a big board by your computer. With little trouble, you can move these pictures around, add new ones, and take some down, until you create the feeling of your story. Look and see if any of these creative visuals translate to your work. Can your characters move around with confidence? As a reader, can you see them working, living, playing, fighting, and loving in these scenes?

Do the characters have a clear objective? Is there enough conflict or too much, are their emotional struggles real and you want to yell at them or push them forward. Your SENSOR loves to stir up trouble. Did he find enough obstacles for the characters to overcome? If not, you might want to put some stumbling blocks in front of the hero or heroine. What about the antagonist? Are then enough negative points as strong as the positive points?

You notice both your Sensor and Muse are quiet. This has been a hard journey for the three of you: writer, sensor and muse. Take a breather. Get away from your story and revision(s). Take a walk, go for a run, and let the mind wander. Sometimes when we let go, we gain more insight.

Tomorrow is another day for writing. A new song might fill your head and you’ll find your characters sassy and happier than ever. Revising is hard work. Look at all you have accomplished.

Congratulations. Happy Writing.

Weather and Writing


Have you ever thought or wondered if the weather affects your writing?

I didn’t until the ups and downs of the weather beginning with the drought in the Midwest, rain and devastation in the Northeast. Then hot weather, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Now, when spring should arrive, we are again having unusual snowstorms, blizzards, rain, wind, earth slides, and the poor flowers, shrubs, and trees have no idea whether to shrivel up or try to bloom. All the distinct season we know, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, seem to blend together.

Does a trip through spring give you energy to write and add fresh beginnings to your stories? Dormancy becomes alive with bursts of nature. I have found myself outside taking walks, seeing new life, and gathering ideas. During this time, my writing becomes invigorated with different characters and story ideas flow.

When summer comes, the heat and humidity keeps me inside. The sun shines in every window and my fingers want to run over the keyboard or scribble with the pen., Forget the dust bunnies, they can be caught on a cloudy day. I just need to write.

Autumn is the magnificent, majestic parade of nature. The air feels cooler and colors look brighter. The smell of campfires, hotdogs, turkeys in the oven, and football instill excitement. My writing becomes more focused, new plots come into my mind, along with the clash of characters. Thoughts probe my Muse and she takes me to another level of writing. I write slower during this season.

Winter is different for everyone. In some places, snow piles up and stays piled up. In other areas cold rain is the snow. Where I live, one snowflake stops traffic. Yet, I continue to watch The Weather Channel and glimpse at the beauty of snow. I cuddle up with my computer and my fingers caress the keyboard. My imagination goes berserk. I picture a blazing fireplace in the living room and my characters get cozy and intimate. Maybe the Christmas tree and all the presents underneath become torment with the hope of a diamond ring or no package at all.

These are the times when my Muse is happy. Each season brings a different life to my writing. What about all you writers? I’d love to hear from you and your writing seasons.

Happy writing all year.




When you get up with an idea, it doesn’t matter what time of year or season. What does matter is ‘what you do with the idea.’

This new thought bounces, jumps and dances. You pour your first cup of coffee and start in on some normal household chores to let the new thoughts simmer. Then you sit down at your computer. Maybe you have a notebook where you write new thoughts before hitting the keyboard. Where did your ideas go? Where is the Muse hiding your thoughts?

Why should your Muse stay with you all night long, and then have to wait? You need to channel the flow of your thoughts. Your brain is primed to expound on all points, until you do your normal activities. Then, this person in your head (your brain) says ‘not important,’ and shuts the information down.

Don’t panic. Go write at a coffee shop you have never tried. Take a walk. Just do something different. Listen to all the sounds around you. Breathe in unique aromas. Don’t push. Let your creative juices flow in all directions.

When you least expect anything to happen, your mind opens and the vision of your dream appears. Your pen covers sheets of paper or your fingers fly over the keyboard and page after page appear. Your brain did not forget. You cluttered your mind all by yourself.

Remember to play with your imagination. You will have more ideas, words and a new story. Let go of hard thinking and enjoy the new creativity. Your Muse will stick beside you, when you listen to her say — Creativity is not work. Creativity is fun. Come play with me.

Give your Muse a  big hug.