unicorn danceWhere is your muse right now, this very second? Can you feel a slight pressure on your shoulder? Is that static in your ear or the Muse’s whispers? Is your Muse female, male or whatever it wants to be?

On this Wild Wednesday……………..FIND OUT.

This is your play day with your Muse. Do not rebuke the opportunity. In fact, turn yourself over to the Muse. The word ‘no’ is not in your vocabulary, but you are allowed to go WILD.

All of a sudden your computer shuts down. “This is not funny,” you holler. A flutter of paper grabs your attention as a pen rolls on top.You hear familiar words, “It’s Play Time,” and you nod your head.

You are writing fast, forgetting commas, periods, and the exclamation point cannot be made. You want to stop, but this is impossible. Your pen crosses the paper from top to bottom. Your hand will not move from the paper, instead begins again at the top of the right hand corner and slants sideways. Did you hear a giggle? Muses love fun, games and excitement.

Your writing becomes big, fierce letters like soldiers marching across the paper. Letters travel upward, downward, roll onto small hills, then big mountains, which need to be climbed.

The writing slows and you can see a meadow full of small, yellow flowers. You hear your Muse humming. Your heart beats quicken as you remember the song, “It’s Got to be You.”

Your Muse leaves, but your pen keeps writing your own love story. You cannot stop until this is finished. But which story? The real one or the one you to reveal, or like your Muse, have fun and write the one you want.

Okay, you caught me. This is Thursday and I’m talking about Wild Wednesday? Wild was only the beginning. My computer decided to let me hang out for a while. So, I took the laptop to the doctor. They needed time to do a thorough check-up. I’ll be back in business for a FREE FRIDAY.

Take time and let your fingers roll free over the keyboard, or pick up a pen and feel the connection between your fingers, hands, paper, and heart.

Play with your Muse. Happy Writing.