What If?

What did you sayHuh? What if what? This is all about imagination, daydreams and fantasy. If you do not use all of these tools, how can you be creative? Let’s take a look at all three categories and see which ones we need to work on a little harder.

IMAGINATION – are you so wrapped up in reality that you must have your information researched and researched before you start writing? Sure, if you write non-fiction, historical romances, yes. You need the details to be correct, but you also need to use your imagination. You don’t, your writing to read like ‘dullsville.’

Remember as a kid, watching the clouds form and float in the sky? You could see dogs, cats, even your mom or dad. Each day the clouds would create a different picture for you. It was exciting to guess what would be next.

Also, imagination is a game of pretend. You pretend to be something you are not and have fun acting out the part. Why can’t you project this type of playground for your writing? Your characters are part of your imagination and you give them the feeling of being so real, the readers can reach out and attach themselves to your characters’ lifestyles. All of a sudden, you notice your writing becomes more creative and energizing to you and your readers.

FANTASY – You need some of this in your writing. Go way back to Cinderella and look for all of the fantasy throughout the whole book. Look at all of the paranormal writings we now encounter. Fantasy is laced into reality, but you do not lead the reader down either path. All these paths are part of the story. The reader is not misled, rather enticed to keep reading more.

DAYDREAMS – these are part of our daily lives. You know the kind where you can sit and dream of a situation you would love to be in,about the job you always wanted, or about the hero you have yet to meet? Don’t stop and recapture these intimate moments and give your characters their own daydreams.

Look at some of your works-in-progress and see where you could add a fantasy or two. Or, let your heroine daydream about her future, and let your hero imagine himself as a completely different person. Throw blocks in to prevent these happenings and see what creative avenues these characters take to climb over the blocks and get what they want.

As a writer, when you can combine reality with any of these items– Imagination, Fantasy, and Daydreams–and still remain true to your story, your characters, and your readers, you are on A ROLL. Do not stop and see where your encounters take you. Just be true to who you are and what you are writing. Let your mind wander and hear what your heart wants to say. Give your creative side the ‘What If’ attitude and let your pen and paper or your fingers and the keyboard bring you happiness and your readers yelling for more.


Pretending To Light A Fire

On FireThe last time we talked about pretending to be your character. Has this process worked for you? Are you able to get into your character, be him or her, and let each do the magic to your book or story? Or, do you still want to control your characters?

If this is the problem, again I want to holler, “get out of their way.” Some writers are Plotters with huge charts and descriptions of each character. This gives you a heads up, so you will know what to do with each character.

Then some writers and Panters. Yeah, they sit on their pants and let the words flow. They have the ability to go with the flow. Their characters are foremost in their writing.

In this objective way of writing, you can ask your character what he or she wants, and then dig DEEP and find out what they are passionate about. Let them go and watch what your fingers put on the screen.

Focus on the wants of the character and step back. Sure, you are the writer/author, but if you curtail your characters’ needs, then you miss out on giving the reader a fantastic feeling and connection to the characters.

With each story/novel/book, we know what we want to come out in the end. However, if you program your characters to YOUR  every whim, there will be nothing left in the story. Put YOU aside and watch your characters expand, entrap, and gather your readers to the pages that says . . THE END.

Enjoy. Practice. Revise.  AND . . . .HAPPY WRITING.

Next time, we’ll take another look at your journal process, and you might be surprised. You have been using your journal, right?




images_051Shh…I’m looking up more magic to add to  Monday. I see a wishing well, a magic carpet,  and several good luck charms. One thing I cannot find is a magic pen. Why? This has to come from the writer.

You need to find your magic pen and complete your writing. Stuck? It does not matter if you are a novice, just published, or have a stack of books published. We all get stuck. Our minds, brains, hearts, can hold so much before things get hazy and we need to step back, take a deep breath, and relax.

When this happens, can you remember back to writing prompts? I can hear laughs and imagine heads shaking back and forth. What these prompts can do, is shake up your mind and let you write silly. So, consider magic as a release of proper, and a return to fun.

What about your magic carpet? All you have to do is jump on. Yeah. Right. Yes, right. You can conjure this picture in your mind. Look. There it is floating beside your computer. Take a ride and look at things from the air. When you fly upside down, things take on a difference. Or when you slide by all the problems, time limits, and pressures, you can laugh, have a great time, and see a different prospective. Enjoy your ride.

Lucky charms. Remember the bracelets with all the charms dangling around your wrist? What about the 4-Leaf Clover? How about the “he loves me, he loves me not,” without cheating. Let yourselves be a child again and learn how magic works.

Do not jinx your writing by forgetting the child within. Stand back and look down the wishing well. Yes, in your imagination. This well is deep, narrow, yet you can see the gold coins in the bottom. So, grab a few shiny pennies, make your wishes and toss down the well. Who knows what might happen. You have magic and you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. How? By keeping the pen to the paper, the fingers on the keyboard, ideas lighted by a great fire, and never forget the people who are there to cheer you forward. THIS IS THE MAGIC.

Have a great Magical Monday. Create your magic and make your day the best Monday ever.


Happy Writing.





energyIt is Monday. Here is your Magic Wand _____!! How will you use it?

Are you a writer, who dreams about a best selling book, but never gets around to writing this story. Something else pops up and your dreams ends.

You want to write and you can, once you get your desk cleared or a plot starts to form. You have paper, pads, pencils, and pens ready to go. Then you decide to do research on your plot. Your fingers chase the internet, but you forget to write.

Are you a writer, who maintains control over your writing process. Once your “butt is in the chair,” your favorite CD playing, your computer fired up, your mind goes blank. You search for your memory — gone. Where are your thoughts?

All of you different writers, got a Monday Magic Wand at the beginning of this blog. USE IT!!!! (Yes, exclamation points to emphasize how important this wand is.)

Wave the wand over being perfect, ALL THE TIME. We aren’t  and can’t be.  POOF!

To focus your writing, give the MUSE her freedom. POOF!

Look at ALL  your writing possibilities, some you’ve never tapped. POOF!

Then take these wishes from your magic wand and think of your individual wishes.


Magic Monday.

(A little late, but took some of the advice and stopped worrying, at least while I was at a musical concert. But, by magic, here is your Monday blog.)

Happy Writing.


Magic Mondays

An IdeaMagic Mondays or do you still dread the thought of a new week, the unknowing events that could pop up, or the fast pace you need to keep going?

This could be for everyone: professional workers, stay-at-home moms or dads, the new secretary, the guy at the car wash, or the waitress at the new diner. But, this is important for all of you writers out there. Submissions to get done, books to review, emails to answer, new stories to . . . .and you stop. Your well is dry and nothing seems to come to mind. Don’t hang up. Think Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas. Yeah. Right. No. This is a Magical Monday and you can gather ideas in buckets. Stop moaning and get moving. Did you dream last night? Can you remember the dream? Did you scribble down the dream? Okay, you can’t read your writing, but maybe one word wiggles more than others. When you were in the shower did something slide into your head and then down the drain?

Remember, it is the simplicity that keeps repeating in our minds, if we let go and hang tight. Do not try to analyze the captions or the pictures. Pull your imagination from its hiding place and put it to work. Do not write and drive, but even a cheap recorder or your cell phone can capture your words. Sometimes, these billboard companies, string out a long line of actions to get to the point. They can make you smile and laugh. See, now you are letting go of inhibitions and making your brain exercise its capabilities.

If you can, or have the opportunity, visit an animal shelter and watch the action and play between the pets, or use the time to watch your own pets. No small kids at home, visit a day care center and catch the antics of children trying to get more than their share of recognition. Or, watch your grandchildren vie for your attention and the ways they make you laugh.

Forget the television, the smart phone, I-Pod, and link into the everyday possibilities. Hey, another area to grab ideas is a Tat Parlor. Everyday, people get their bodies decorated with signs, symbols, flowers, and whatever else happens. Go into a parlor and talk with the artist. Ask questions. You might be surprised at some of the answers.

I don’t have time to do all of this. No, I’m certain we all don’t, but ask yourself what happens on a Magic Monday? You find ideas where you least expect them. You snap a photo, write down a few words, you notice your surroundings, you enjoy life. This is where you can find your ideas for more situations, more stories, more writing.

Get out there this Monday and let your mind wander over different paths. Do not always go to the same place for lunch. Do not take the same route when you drive somewhere and do not stagnate your thoughts or yourself.

Put yourself into the magic, even if it happens to be a Monday.

Find your own Magic Monday, and then bring it to the rest of the week.

Happy Writing.  Happy Dreams.  Happy You.