ASAPDoes this look familiar? For me, too familiar. With the merry-go-round of the holidays, parties, great food, fun with family, fun with friends, we know the end is in sight. The ‘old’ man slipped away and the ‘new’ kid came on the block to the tune of 2014. So, we go to the let down month of January. Getting back into the routine of work, work, a little play, and more work.

Don’t know about all of you but the 2013 TAX SEASON is knocking on our doors. My snail mail box fills up with notices of year-end statements and my email box produces almost the same information. Information about taxes and all the other stuff that needs to be organized and sorted. I keep good records during the year, but have to go through and catch my mistakes. My computer runs hot, my printer low on ink, and my paper supply becomes unavailable.

Still, the thoughts of ‘what if’ pound inside my head. I try to read all the changes and decide I need to be an attorney to get to the bottom of a simple change. Guess everyone has to get paid for writing thousands of words to change a sentence. As writers, we are up on all of this and could delete hundreds of pages by marking through all the adverbs and adjectives. I wonder if they know about our writing rule: make every word count. Guess not.

The attendance in my SilverSneakers class is great. Just about the same as in past months. Some new seniors are coming in to check out what goes on, and some of the regulars are returning from vacations, holidays with families in other parts of the county. I welcome them all. This is the time of the year when gym memberships go sky-high. The New Year’s Resolutions of getting fit, healthy  and shedding the unwanted pounds hit home. The cycle goes strong until around March, and then the newness wears off. They forget these exercises are for a lifetime of fitness and health.

I woke up one morning to a minus 6 degrees and the thought of curling up in bed ran through my mind. But with a cup of hot coffee, or two, warm gym clothes, and  a long wool coat, I was ready to hit the road. Not yet. The driver’s side of my car was frozen solid. The thought of a hair dryer popped into my head. Sure, where is mine? Back in my warm home. As I looked around, I found no electrical outlet. You can tell it’s been a while for this type of catastrophe. So, decided to try the passenger side. After a few easy, short pulls on the handle, I entered the passenger seat through a small crack. From there, I crawled over the console and in to the driver’s seat.

My car may be ‘o-l-d,’ don’t want to say this word out loud as she gets hurt feelings, but one turn of the key and her motor purred. Guess she wanted to warm up too. I have a good relationship with my car, but we’ll make that for another time.

On the way to work, snow flurries hit the windshield and slid down in a melted position. Nothing stuck to the pavement or side roads.However, north of Atlanta people sent beautiful pics into television stations of snow piled high. I’m glad to live where we get a taste of this, not a plateful, and it leaves in a hurry.

Now, we should be ready for all the new ideas, plans and hopes for the 2014 year. May they all come to fruition for you, and do not forget to share your happiness with others.