ImageS S 5-15 2013 57th FIGHTER REST 002S S 5-15 2013 57th FIGHTER REST 001

Here we are; not all of us, but enough so you can see we enjoy life, exercise, and keep fit. I have another photo that wants to delude all my efforts to insert into this post. Hang tight, I’ll get the dimensions right.

This makes the start of our third annual Spring Fling. We head out after a Wednesday class to the patio of the 57th Fighter’s Group and celebrate our hard work, new members, and friendship. SilverSneakers represents senior citizens and their ability to incorporate the three “F’s” – Fitness, Fun, Friends. Just because there may be some silver streaks shining on our heads, or maybe a hat needed to cover up the hairless head, we have the opportunity to workout five days a week in all areas of exercise and health.

We do Yoga, but not on the floor. You’d be surprised at what the body is capable of twisting and turning, stretching and balancing. We have a couple of days where we exercise our muscles and and strengthen all of our movements and increase the range in which we can move. We also, as a well known chef would say, KICK IT UP A NOTCH. We kick our heels high, strut our bodies, and give out hearts a work out with a cardio session and then…in the last class on Friday, we push the notch up another beat and for those who want to experience the floor, mats, and crunches, get it all. If one is unable to get to the floor (SilverSneaker’s way), they can do the same exercises from their chair.

I am fortunate to be their instructor and have seen many participants go from barely moving to could apply for high-steppin’ positions. And the men, walk in with shoulders straight, back, proud, and a new bounce to their steps.

When I stop and think, who could have such a wonderful position? We have been with each other in sickness, pain, sadness, celebrations, graduations of grandchildren, laughter and some tears. dip

So, gents, give the ladies a short bow, and ladies give the gents a small dip with the tips of your skirts. We have lots of work and fun to continue until October. Yep, then we’ll have our 3rd Annual Fall Festival. And who knows, if the temps are cooler, we can sit beside the fire pits and tell tall tales.

My thanks to all of you for five years of making you sweat, breathe deeper, laugh harder, and watch a new you appear.

May the SilverSneaker Gods be with all of you.