Where are your Purple Squirrels?

unicorn danceOkay, so  I am not a squirrel, but I am purple. And, yes, you heard right. Do you scramble for  new thoughts? Do you have trouble forming mental images? Does your creativity take deep breaths when you need help?

HAVE YOU CHOKED YOUR IMAGINATION? As writers, we cannot be without this important tool. So how do you (and me) get this important part of our writing back at a moment’s notice? First off, I’d say fire your Muse, and then I’d retract that statement. She is as bugged as you are. One word hits the spot —  OVERLOAD — and it happens to everyone.

Imagination is one word – Imagine. Kinda like the old game ‘let’s pretend.’ Sounds simple. It is, except we forget to let our ‘pretend’ side take over. Another way to look at this is ‘what if?’ Oh, you’d forgotten about that. Well let’s see what we can do to sharpen our minds, reinvent our ‘what ifs,’ and bring back the sights, sounds, and make-believes that our Muse tries so shard to knock into our thoughts.

Suppose you go outside and ‘what if” all you see are PURPLE SQUIRRELS? Hey, start here. Could you imagine writing about the purple squirrels? No. Well, what do you think of all of the paranormal attitude? Or the books way out on the limb? If a writer could not turn off the day-to-day happenings, where would all of these books or movies be? NEVER.

Is this a type of fantasy? Only you can answer this, but fantasy is not a death threat. It is an avenue to make you think way, and I mean way, “outside the box.”

Romance was once said to have a girl, a boy, a problem, a kiss, and make-up. Maybe when we read “See Jane Run,” and no one followed her, romance took a drop. But, as writers, we have come way past this emphasis. We are not kids trying to keep up with the world. No, we are adult writers trying to out-do the world.

We are into brainstorming with our fellow writers. We need the versatility of life in our stories. We need to dream and have hallucinations to spawn off onto our readers.

This is our purpose of writers: to give out readers a mental image of something they have never seen, known or felt.

This is our time, as writers, to give our readers a gift of the unknown and pull them inside with our stories and a great force of abilities to confront whatever it is out there. (EVEN PURPLE SQUIRRELS.)

Okay, ‘what if’ squirrels were purple? As a writer I’d have mine a different purple than all the others. Purple squirrels would climb higher, fly higher, and scream louder. No, not a lavender, but a deep blue-black purple and scare everyone. OR, maybe they would give the reader a sense of love not remembered, but not completely ignored,

This is our gift to our readers, our imagination. We create what the reader cannot perceive, and give them what they think they want.

As writers, we create new things and take our readers on their daydreams, or delusions, and let them fantasize their own lives. We create for them their imaginary world as they want it to be, but we let them know this is a fantasy. We do not lead our readers on without the consequences of the downside.

‘What if there were no more PURPLE SQUIRRELS?’ Oh, No. Then you need to take yourselves out and walk through parks, walk through woods, or any place that takes you back to your beginning and start again.

Imagination is there. We just forget to use it, improve it, and most importantly embrace it.

Your job for the next week is to stop to have fun, and be sure to watch the ‘Purple Squirrels.’ they know more than what you think they do.