Okay, I’m a little behind in posting the pics of our SilverSneakers® Spring Fling at the 57th FIGHTERS PATIO.  We had to wait until May 3, 2016 to enjoy our Spring Social due to the liquid sunshine that never seemed to stop.
We celebrated birthdays, and I won’t go into the years, but I will say congratulations to a couple on their 53rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY at our Spring Fling. And a 63rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to a couple who could not be there.
Here are some of the pictures and thanks to all the wonderful smiles.
Sorry if I missed some of you, but will keep adding as we go along.

YOU ARE A GREAT GROUP. And, we will have a chance to celebrate again at the same place only for the Fall Festival.




SS spring Fling 05.04.2016 01

SS Spring Fling 05.04.2016

SS 57TH FIGHTER 5-4-16 009.JPG




WheeeeeeLabor Day weekend filled Atlanta with many activities. Dragon Con had its convention in downtown Atlanta. Costumes captured all of the characters and the parade down Peachtree Street gave kids and adults the sights they were waiting to come to life.

Then, we had the 10th Annual Decatur Book Festival. This opened with the keynote speaker, Erica Jong, and another author, Roxane Gay at Emory’s Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. A new stage opened and is part of the Georgia Grown Culinary Village with cooking demonstrations and authors of cookbooks giving out their secrets and food. There were stages for authors in many genres–The Atlanta History Center, Science Track, Romance, Poetry, Mystery and Thriller, Art, and characters mingling with the people, and the Children’s & Teen Stages.

Venues were set up all around the city of Decatur. The Old Court House opened for different authors to share their work. Decatur is just the town for this event and opportunity to meet neighbors and make new friends. Decatur is home to history–Emory and Agnes Scott Universities. A vibrant city with an appreciation for the arts and books.

The Atlanta History Center offers author programs during the months of September, October, and through November. These are award-winning authors, best-selling authors of fiction and non-fiction, and even authors of cookbooks sharing seasonal recipes. This gives people a chance for discussions and meeting other enthusiastic readers who share the love of books.

What a way to celebrate Labor Day and then back to business, but not in the usual way. I find myself energized with new ideas, meeting other writers from all over Georgia and other areas and states.

The difficulty of my publishers’ bankruptcy announcement is still fresh in my mind. All of the authors of Secret Cravings Publishing are pulling for each other. Our Authors Only site is filled with tears and new beginnings. I keep writing and, in time, will republish Breaking Point and other books. Just not certain in which format. I’ll keep writing new stories and using the words from my head fill the screen.

The day this happened, I glanced at my horoscope, which I never read, but guess the ‘gods’ were trying to guide me.  “This morning you’ll open your eyes with a fresh perspective on life. Then, you’ll figure out what really makes you happy and prioritize your life based on that realization. It is truly a great day.”

Writing and I’ll keep writing until words cease to float through my head and my fingers are too stiff to move over the keys.



The rain-filled days came to a halt and we grabbed the day for our 2015 Spring Fling at the 57th Restaurant on the patio. Blue skies, big white clouds, bright sun shine, and plenty of planes to watch arrive and take-off at Peachtree Dekalb Airport . Instead of writing, I’ll let the pictures tell about our good times. One thing you should know, we exercise, get fit and follow the three rules of SilverSneakers®:  Fitness, Friends, Fun. No words, but the pictures say everything. Thanks to a fantastic group.

The Trouble Table

The Trouble Table













A Different Blog

See what happens when you are having fun.  Our SilverSneakers group is all for the 3 F’s – Fitness, Friends, Fun. This is our Fall Festival at the 57th Fighters Group. Yeah, I know we were to sit out on the patio, enjoy the cool weather, and watch the planes touch down and take off. But, none of us had control over the weather; so we did the next best thing…We took over the bar area and had a blast. The windows look out onto the runways and we could see the planes come in and take off. Of course, we were much too busy laughing, stuffing our faces with great food, and getting to know each other in a social atmosphere. No, I did not require any exercise at this time. I was going to upload this pic into a huge form, and decided to let everyone try to pic themselves out of the photo.  SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 001

SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 003




Now for a glimpse of my wild side. I attended our Georgia Romance Writers Conference, Moonlight & Magnolias for a whole weekend. So many great authors and writers there and the programs were the best ever. We had so many options and classes to take, you just closed your eyes and pointed. I lucked out and shared a room with my birthday friend. Yep, we met several years ago and found out we have the same birthday, but not the same year.  As we went through all of our material, we chose classes a little different and took great notes. Then we shared everything and came up with new ideas and new strategies for our writing.

Then on Saturday night, we had the Maggie’s Award Banquet. All the published authors had entered their stories and now down to the finalists. But, we still had the HUNKS, this year just the HUNK. They are guys that pose for the covers of Romance Writers Books, usually quite down to the buff. And this HUNK, was dressed to the nines and still took time to pose with the writers around him. Just like this:20141011_190852 20141011_190756-1me and Diane. It was great fun and a lot to share with others and have good laughs. Yes our wine glasses are full. He also escorted the Maggie contestants to the stage and then off the stage . This was before the DJ and the dancing started.

Now, to make plans for next year.

I’ll get back on the blog portion by tomorrow night. Just wanted to share this with you since my website took a dive.


Happy Writing. Live Life. Enjoy LIfe. Write More.


Comments are welcome.




We had so many “photographers”, and pictures always tell the story. Marta and George are in the first picture. Congratulations to their upcoming wedding. Hope you enjoy, and remember to have a party every day.

Now you can see what a great group I have the pleasure of seeing five days a week. Thanks to ALL of YOU.

Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 027 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 007(2) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 024(1) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 030Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 026(1)


On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, thirty of our SilverSneakers® gathered for our third annual Spring Fling at the 57th Fighters Group Patio. It was a beautiful day. Bright blue skies, great sunshine, and plenty of umbrellas covered the tables as we basked in the spirit of SilverSneakers. We all exercise, but the 3-F’s are included: Fitness, Friends, Fun. Believe it, we know how to do all three.

This was also a special occasion as we celebrated the upcoming marriage of our own Marta to George. You will see them together…and that is the couple. Life creeps up on us when we have fun and the enjoyment with friends is the best life can give us.

I’m not certain how all this will print out, pictures, as we had plenty of cameras this time and great communication connections. A lot of pictures for scrapbooks and memories. This is not the problem. The person entering the info on her blog is. These are not all the pics, downloading takes time and my eyesight, along with my fingers need a rest. Have fun. Enjoy. More to come. If you don’t see yourself here, you’ll be in the next batch.

AND, if you live in Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Dunwoody., or parts close by, check out our classes and get healthy, exercise, and have a great time.

p.s. The music is great.


Patricia Patterson



SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 003 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 004 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 006(2) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 022 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 011 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 005


BookclubToday, we are in a book club together. No particular book by name, but the book you are writing, and we want to discuss characters.

How do you let your characters show their power of empathy? You know the sensitive side of themselves without being overbearing. Can your characters (male and female, protagonist or antagonist) let down their attitudes and become human? There’s one character who can never let down his/her guard. Always on edge, waiting for something bad to happen. Now, this character needs your assistance. How can you provide without taking away the edge? Try to work in a little compassion and let your character have one moment where she/he might be vulnerable. The desire to share her/his concern is there, but not all at one time. This may be a ‘sore spot’ for the character and to empathize would take away the hardness needed to survive, or so the character thinks. Show all of these emotions to your readers, a little bit at a time. Even the most hardened character needs to be transformed.

Your character has allowed small irritations to fester, and heaven help the next person to encounter this explosion. Do you ignore the outbursts? Do you try to show your reader the insights to this character and why? Or, do you build up these small raw spots so the reader can relate to this character and empathize with these trouble areas.

Secrets….always pose a problem. Secrets are not secret as they come out each day in our characters’ lives. SHHH….. well forget this. Someone has spilled the can of beans all over the sidewalk. As a writer, you can have a ball with this scenario. Do you go overboard and show an oversensitive character or a thin-skinned character? Does your character get irritable or touchy and has no respect for herself or himself? Does this character want to get in a pay-back mood? Only you, the writer, will know how to handle this in your story; but be aware, you can have a great turn-around or one less character.

Now comes some fun parts.Think about friendship in a love relationship. One character wants a relationship and the other a friend. What a combustible fragment you can create. You know your characters, so could this be avoided? Not if you want your readers to follow every word, line, and page. One of your characters needs to crawl on the sofa and be held, comforted, a back rub, and nothing more. The other character wants to give more than a hug, a few kind words, and when nothing happens walks out the door or goes to another room.

Okay, put your heads together and I would love to hear some of your responses. There is no one way to solve or handle , but when a group gets together……watch out. Writers know how to handle the most delicate or horrendous situations.

Got a couple more for the next time. So, let me hear from you and we will conquer. What? Whatever needs to be conquered.

Happy Writing.