Got your attention, right? Writers get so wrapped in their story, book, novel, or whatever you are writing, that all of us forget to step away, walk away, run away, and then wonder why our words are hard to pull out of our heads.
Do not bother to get up. You are not writing, you are reading. Seem funny? So what? This is a day to think about writing, but walk away. Think as you take a walk. Does this sound familiar. Forget it and proceed forward with your walk. What do you see that interests you? No, not the stuff you should see, but this is a journey of the unknown, and you might surprise yourself.
We need to take time to THINK about writing and new avenues to travel. This does not mean we can give up writing for a week, because this will never be a fix. Have you ever been on a long vacation, without a computer, a pen, or a piece of paper? At first, there is a feeling of freedom, no time restraints, no deadlines to meet and then the feeling of nothing.
Taking time away from writing should not be a guilt trip, rather a self-care to yourself to energize the writing center inside you. This is the time to realign your thoughts and see where you need to go and with a new purpose. After a while, the need to write becomes more vivid and the thoughts you created need to be turned loose. You will notice a difference in the way words flow from your head to your heart to your fingers on the keyboard.
So, take a writer-break and do not feel guilty. Have fun, do something different, enjoy a leisurely day. You may come to realize that these writer breaks enliven you and revitalize your writing.




Seasonal_FestivalsThe weather, in and around Atlanta, has been like a raging lover. Even seasoned forecasters had problems describing this new phenomenon. We looked for sleet. We looked for snow. We looked for ice. We found all three events, just not in any pattern.

Do you recognize the lover in all of these episodes? Of course. In every romance, you have the protagonist, the antagonist, and the possibilities of recurring events.

Two weeks ago, the antagonist lover showed up unannounced and proceeded to capture the protagonist by keeping the person(s) locked inside a moving vehicle, while snow, sleet and ice pelted down around them. No way to stop. Nowhere to turn, and nowhere else to go. Locked inside without the means to get out. For some, the hours dragged from one or two to twenty or more. The ability to comprehend was enormous and daunting. Then, the antagonist relented and the capture stopped People crawled out from cramped positions to look at all the possible scenarios. Safe was the first one that came to mind. Other feelings did a slow creep inside out minds. Is this what a deranged lover might do? Despair and hurt became part of the answer to the runaway storm.

Just as we attempted to put our lives back into the sunshine, the pathway of another storm reared its ugly head. This time we did get ample time to make plans. We got to choose how to ride out the demands of the antagonist. Nothing was forced upon us. Maybe, a gentle lover, but not an agitated lover. No one would gain any sympathy here.

Yet, the lover forgot about the availability of resources and the timing of the weather increment. The protagonist had time to gather food and prepare for an intimate setting at home. Music came from a stereo, not a car radio. Drinks were plentiful, with no worries about a bathroom or a bed. All the comforts of a great love affair, except the protagonist still catered to the whims of the antagonist, the weather.

Soon, all the events of a good love affair became withered. The constant yearn to get out, do something, walk somewhere became overbearing. No amount of downtime can take away the process of freedom; freedom to roam wherever and whenever we want.

As we look forward to a sunny day and warmer lovers, may this time of prison with a cold lover be left behind and forgotten. Let’s push ourselves forward with great anticipation of a spring romance. Picture soft breezes, new flowers, walks in the park, a gentle arm around our shoulders, and NO imprisonment with surroundings.