Lost ConfidenceI wish this look could swipe over me. A form of utter calm and no worries. Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you want to throw the dishes in the garbage, the radio along with the dishes, the television hit with a baseball bat (if you have one), and the computer hidden and you can’t remember where? I’m sure we have all had these days, even weeks, and why? I don’t know about you, but I want things done and not have to wait until later. After all my years on the Planet Earth, I should be able to shrug and let pieces fall where they want. But, this is wishful thinking and you know what–I’m glad. It means I am still around and kicking. No make that writing.

Do you ever feel like things hit you dead center at the most inopportune time? My computer started hanging up. Nothing would work, except alt control delete or OFF. And this was right when new scenes were flying through my head for another book. Yes, pen and paper were handy, but my writing is not the best in the world. Since the computer, I’ve even forgotten how to make the writing legible. Any way, I tried and could not read my own handwriting. So, I waited a day and tried again. Nada.

Another idea hit…a tape recorder. Somewhere, I had put an old-fashioned one and knew how to operate this. Now where? A search of almost every drawer in my home became the focus point, and search I did. Until, the one drawer became evident. You know the one that catches everything. There it was hidden under scads of odds and ends and it worked when I turned it on.

Not to let the words escape me, I began recording what I could remember for the new book. It was like my fingers running over the keyboard, but instead my voice hitting the airwaves of the recorder. Then, squawk, squeak, screech, and nothing. Guess batteries don’t last forever. So, excuse me, as I need to get to the store and pick up a couple. No, wait a minute, look I am hitting the keys and my computer has returned to normal.

Yes, we all have our good and bad days. We all have interruptions. We all have intrusions in our lives, but this tells us we are alive and kicking. We do have time to get things done and complete our novel.

Head to your favorite writing corner, put on your coat of armor, and let the words fall out whichever way they can: paper, pen, napkins, tissue paper. You’ve got the words to use and this is what we are all about…writing.

Happy You. Happy Writing.


An IdeaPolish? That’s for floors, shoes, silver, tables, and cars, but we cannot hold our creative side in our hands to polish. These are tangible items, but what you need to work on are the intangibles:  imagination, thoughts, brain power. and get yourself outside for a walk or a stroll. No, we are not counting the gym you may belong to, but hitting the sidewalk, the park, or even a walk to a part of town you’ve not seen in a while.

Look around you and sense some of the things you see. Yes, even the mundane, looked at with a feeling of newness, can make your imagination work overtime. Walking, sprinting, and walking slow can increase your blood flow to your brain. When this happens your ingenuity jumps to attention, and you begin to experience a new awakening.

Now, your creative juices are  at full speed, think of some of the usual ways you use everyday items and try to find new ways to change their usage. You will be surprised at how your imagination jumps are the chance to be unleashed. What if you have a tough choice to make, whether in your life or the life of the character in your story. Instead of sitting at your computer getting upset, get up and walk around. Let your subconscious do some of the work for you. Relax, take a deep breath, and listen to your inner-self.

Okay, you have had a creative side polish and your fingers should fly over the keys as your mind bursts with new thoughts. Your imagination is ready to take over, and you let it go in high gear. Just a small break like walking around the block, doing squats in your home, breathing deep, holding, and then letting go will add to the creative polish.  You are on your way to knowing your characters better and not surprised at the decisions they make. Surprise yourself.


86,400 WHAT?

YouFirst question, is this money? Maybe mileage on an airline pass? Or a collection of items in a hobby? You have scratched the surface of your life. This is TIME, the amount of seconds you have every day of your life.

Now that you know you have 86,400 seconds each day of your life, how will you use them? As writers, the answer would be writing, but we cannot write every second of every day. Our well would run dry. Our fingers on the keyboard would not be efficient. Ideas would soon become a jumble and certain thoughts drained out of our heads. So what can we do with this precious gift given to us EACH day?

There are quite a few seconds we need to sleep and rejuvenate our mind and body with good healthy practices. Then we would need seconds to feed our family, like cooking, and getting groceries. We would need seconds to run errands and, of course, check the media part of our lives. We would need seconds to visit friends, go to meetings, and share our thoughts with other people/writers. There would be seconds needed to read for pleasure and research.

Now, this gives you something fun to do and see how many things you can consider. Yeah, you hear the word list and this is a great place to start. Analyze your life for one day, or 86,400 seconds and see where you spend your time. Do you spend time or waste time? Do you give your time to someone else and watch transformations on the other person’s face. Do you volunteer and help others?

These 86,400 seconds are worth more than if there were a ‘$” sign in front. Money comes. Money goes. But the seconds are there each and every day. This is a bank that never runs dry. Yet, living a full life, happiness runs all over the place, and time does have a way of racing by quicker than we think.

When you get up each morning, decide how you will spend your 86,400 seconds. Live Life.  Love well. Stay Happy. Your writing will flourish, your friends become many, and the opportunities you may have overlooked, become plentiful. Have fun with your 86,400.

Until next visit,

Happy Writing.

Do You Have A “Joy List” ????

images_014Yes, you heard right, a “Joy List.” Something you want to do, just not for certain what?

Take a step back and think, really think. Do you get off-center, do you feel too much pressure, can you list five new restaurants or places you never knew existed, what about watching the squirrels scurry for their winter supply of food, or the last time you put on a CD and poured a cup of hot tea or your favorite beverage and relaxed to the musical sounds?

But this is supposed to be about writing and its pleasures. Well, if you are not writing, why? This could be you’ve lost your “Joy List,” and need to either find it or begin again.Of course, you know, this list will change, but you need to be ready to jump on the “joy” wagon.

These are the simple pleasures or activities that make you feel fuzzy inside. When you get this fuzzy feeling, everything seems right with the world, AND ignites your imagination.  Soon the flames give you energy, and you cannot wait to go on a short journey, even around the block, and then come back ready to tackle a blank screen in front of you or a blank white piece of paper.

How long has it been since you met a friend for brunch. I’m not talking big bucks, but something as great as a Waffle House breakfast. You talk and talked over the food, noise, and great coffee for two hours. Then you left, filled with a vibrancy you have not felt for a while. Why? Because of the interaction between you and your friend.

This also includes awakening your curiosity. Never thought about that, huh? I do not have the time, but why not? I have responsibilities, I need 1,500 words to add to my story. I need groceries. I need to have the car checked out. I need to . . I need to . . . Not if you are taking care of yourselves.

If there is something you want to do, DO IT.  I love animals, yet where I live, we cannot have pets. Yes, I agree, this would be yuck for some. So, I check out pet stores having a sale and offer to walk the dogs. I get the hugs, slurps, sloppy kisses, and return feeling like a happy parent, without the college expenses.

Maybe, you like music, but cannot afford an instrument, classes, or tickets to events. Hey, volunteer to be an usher at a symphony or a playhouse or even a school event.

All of you have not put on your “Joy List Hat,” have you? Try again and do something so simple, so fun, and so connecting with your friends, that you come home and head straight for the computer. Your mind is energized beyond belief, and your writing will show the positive side of you.

Sometimes, we need a kick in the A _ _ and this is the first on this week. Go ahead and do one of the simple items you wrote on your “Joy List.” You’ll never regret it.


Butterflies and Writing

Two friends“Hey, Ethel, do you think she’s lost it? How can she compare a butterfly with writing?”

“Have no idea, Edna, but let’s give her the benefit of your doubts until we’ve read her post.”

What is the connection between butterflies and writing? When we write, we want our material fresh, flowing in the right direction, and beautiful. So, why not write like a butterfly. They are gorgeous and float through the air without much effort. They dip onto the leaf of a flower, or rest with wings hovering, and their colors are magnificent. Also, they are not in a hurry.

What would happen if your took your writing up and down, around, over and through, and could sit and hover with certain thoughts in your head?

Lighten up and let your writing become free like a butterfly. When you tighten up your thoughts, they stay tied in knots and your writing gets sluggish. Think of flowing through space with your words and letting them light on a tall tree, or a small bush, and rest. Your thoughts will unwind and become more agile.You’ll think of different words, new words, and watch them fill your computer screen or notebook.

Butterflies do not like captivity and neither should your writing. The words that come to my mind are free- flow, free-write, and even free-fall. Let your writing fill the pages without stress and strain. Think small and free yourself from anxiety with the huge project of writing a book. Follow your pages like a butterfly. Touch down when you see something you like and study your patterns. If you are undecided, hover over that page or section until you can find the free-way to write the description.

Like the butterfly, use your senses. No, not the ones of should or should not, rather focus your brain  on the present. A butterfly does not fly with its eyes closed and neither should you write with a closed mind. We need to zoom  in on what we can see, hear, taste, smell, and the present.Do not beat yourself up, rather pump yourself up with thoughts of a beautiful butterfly sitting on your shoulder.

Why don’t you find a picture of a butterfly and put this on your computer or your desk. Make each day a “butterfly day” and watch your writing flow. Be kind to yourself and your writing will take you where you want to go.

“See there, Edna, she came through again.”

Have a Happy Butterfly Day and Happy Writing



Are You Still Journaling?

images_028I hope you are, because letting your mind run wild gives you opportunities to explore your life.

Today, try to focus on a heroine and a hero in one of your books from a shelf in your home or from a story you have finished, or from a story you want to begin.

Now, describe the heroine’s journey and see where you are in her journey.Are there parts of her wanderings you’ve never traveled? Then ask yourself, why? Keep writing and find where you’d like to travel with the heroine. If your heroine is in a different time, say the 1800’s or way in the future, put yourself in her time periods. Write about the clothing, home life, social activities, but do not compare your current life to your heroine’s life. Give yourself permission to indulge in a different time. You need to feel the experiences and capture this in your journal.

No, you aren’t finished. Look at the hero’s journey. Where is he traveling and how? Go along and feel the exhilaration of seeing the first train, ever, and even a first train ride. Then think to your first train ride, Scary? What if the hero you picked had been or is a gunslinger, astronaut, or pilot. Can you picture yourself on a journey with him?

Do not sensor any of your writings. You are on their journey and forget the gender. We have female readers, male readers, female authors, and male authors, and this time we get to see both sides of their journeys.

The next time you are stumped in a plot situation or your character’s journey, remember all of the journeys in your journal.

Have FUN. Travel FAR. Learn a NEW writing experience.


Happy Writing.


WheeeeeeHello friends, readers, followers. I hope you are enjoying meeting a lot of my author friends and their new works. I have quite a few more to share with you, BUT wanted to let you know I miss chatting with you.

How do I know it’s Summer?  Besides, heat, humidity, thunder, lightning, and downpours of rain, my hairdresser told me last Friday, “Happy Holiday.” I stared at her–what holiday? “The 4th of July,” she replied. Since I only come in when every hair sticks out straight, up, or out of control, she was right.

On my way home, I became aware of the banners attached to poles announcing the “PEACHTREE ROAD RACE.” Runners practice early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, whenever they can. Sure, I’d noticed more runners than usual, but never gave it a thought about JULY?? I can walk up a block and catch the racers as they run by. Yeah, I clap, yell, scream holler and wished I’d tried it earlier in my years. But, the best part are the wheelchair runners. This moves your heart and inspiration and respectability to full alert. Promise, I’ll try to get pictures if my camera behaves. I point at the object or people and my camera turns the other way. I even took a Camera 101 class and I cannot get the thing to cooperate. But, will do the best I can.

Summer presents a lot of opportunities for writers. Yes, we can sit at the pool and write, or not. Someone asked me, “do you ever get a vacation?” My reply shocked both of us. “Every day is a vacation. I find new clouds in the sky to move and inspire me. Thunderstorms are powerful and I can watch them inside as they blow treetops around me in frenzied patterns on the outside. I’ve noticed the squirrels around my condo, digging in for what the needs might be and ignoring my footsteps near them.  Good sign? Bad Sign? Hunger Sign? Kinda like, ‘please step around me, I’m busy.’

Every day brings new opportunities to all of us, especially writers. As a writer, I tend to notice different things. Summer brings people out of their hidey-holes and into the mainstream of events. People, in general, seem to be more talkative and given the chance can talk you into hearing loss. Music takes people to outdoor concerts, blankets on the park grass, kids dancing to different drum beats, and oops….mom and dad dancing on the grass make the kids run into hiding.

Never, never let go of your summer traditions: picnics, grilling, volleyball, watching your kids play baseball, soccer, or falling asleep under a big oak tree. Enjoy your Summer and look at all it has to offer from a family point of view, a single point of view, but from every point of view of a writer.

Put summer in your writing this year. Remember, come winter, we all want to feel warm, relaxed as only Summer can give us.