Where Is Your Creativity?

Do you ever feel like you are in a big dark hole and struggle to find your creativity? Hey, don’t sweat it, because we all have gotten lost in this intense struggle. Instead of digging yourself deeper into the hole, get yourself on the outside and try something new. Seeing things from a different viewpoint shakes up the brain. What about using the brain for push-ups of your mind. Forget the errors, the typos, which will be caught at revision times. Notice I made that plural and just write. Yep, it may come out as ‘crap,’ but even that can be turned into useful material. Your mind is working and nothing should stop the flow.
Okay, you learned about a friend getting  an agent, and you are still struggling to find one. Wish the friend the best and close your mind to all of your self-intended jabs. What you need is to block out the noise or the chatter of social media and hold onto what means the most to you. You matter the most and the creativity is what you want to give to your readers. You cannot create and not write.
Look at your writing as an escape from the everyday world and play with all the ideas that swim in your mind. These ideas could take you away from your story at the moment. Don’t rush the ideas away, rather play with them for a while. That funky little gift shop might be just the place to visit. No, I don’t mean walk through, but meander and look at all the creative ideas non-writers have made. As you leave, your mind is running in circles and you have thought about one of the items and a story you could give it to make the scene come alive. You’ve sparked your creativity.
Your creativity is a gift and is yours to use daily, not just when you think you need it. Creativity is a relationship with yourself and the world you want to share this with. Let your imagination run wild. Do not try to reign this in, rather give it more new things to see, to do, and a lot of extra rope to turn many corners and you never know what you might pull back inside.
Now for some personal news—August 4, 2016 was my last day as a Silver Sneakers® Certified Instructor. I retired.Hard decision, but a necessary one. Our class had been together for eight years, regular members, new members, but eight years and lots of life changes.  If I remember how to download, here are a few pics of the last day.

Look at all the smiling faces. I’m honored.

Dolly, Russ, Patricia  Last class before retirement.JPG

Thanks for everything and the flowers are great.



Okay, I’m a little behind in posting the pics of our SilverSneakers® Spring Fling at the 57th FIGHTERS PATIO.  We had to wait until May 3, 2016 to enjoy our Spring Social due to the liquid sunshine that never seemed to stop.
We celebrated birthdays, and I won’t go into the years, but I will say congratulations to a couple on their 53rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY at our Spring Fling. And a 63rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to a couple who could not be there.
Here are some of the pictures and thanks to all the wonderful smiles.
Sorry if I missed some of you, but will keep adding as we go along.

YOU ARE A GREAT GROUP. And, we will have a chance to celebrate again at the same place only for the Fall Festival.




SS spring Fling 05.04.2016 01

SS Spring Fling 05.04.2016

SS 57TH FIGHTER 5-4-16 009.JPG



The rain-filled days came to a halt and we grabbed the day for our 2015 Spring Fling at the 57th Restaurant on the patio. Blue skies, big white clouds, bright sun shine, and plenty of planes to watch arrive and take-off at Peachtree Dekalb Airport . Instead of writing, I’ll let the pictures tell about our good times. One thing you should know, we exercise, get fit and follow the three rules of SilverSneakers®:  Fitness, Friends, Fun. No words, but the pictures say everything. Thanks to a fantastic group.

The Trouble Table

The Trouble Table













A Different Blog

See what happens when you are having fun.  Our SilverSneakers group is all for the 3 F’s – Fitness, Friends, Fun. This is our Fall Festival at the 57th Fighters Group. Yeah, I know we were to sit out on the patio, enjoy the cool weather, and watch the planes touch down and take off. But, none of us had control over the weather; so we did the next best thing…We took over the bar area and had a blast. The windows look out onto the runways and we could see the planes come in and take off. Of course, we were much too busy laughing, stuffing our faces with great food, and getting to know each other in a social atmosphere. No, I did not require any exercise at this time. I was going to upload this pic into a huge form, and decided to let everyone try to pic themselves out of the photo.  SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 001

SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 003




Now for a glimpse of my wild side. I attended our Georgia Romance Writers Conference, Moonlight & Magnolias for a whole weekend. So many great authors and writers there and the programs were the best ever. We had so many options and classes to take, you just closed your eyes and pointed. I lucked out and shared a room with my birthday friend. Yep, we met several years ago and found out we have the same birthday, but not the same year.  As we went through all of our material, we chose classes a little different and took great notes. Then we shared everything and came up with new ideas and new strategies for our writing.

Then on Saturday night, we had the Maggie’s Award Banquet. All the published authors had entered their stories and now down to the finalists. But, we still had the HUNKS, this year just the HUNK. They are guys that pose for the covers of Romance Writers Books, usually quite down to the buff. And this HUNK, was dressed to the nines and still took time to pose with the writers around him. Just like this:20141011_190852 20141011_190756-1me and Diane. It was great fun and a lot to share with others and have good laughs. Yes our wine glasses are full. He also escorted the Maggie contestants to the stage and then off the stage . This was before the DJ and the dancing started.

Now, to make plans for next year.

I’ll get back on the blog portion by tomorrow night. Just wanted to share this with you since my website took a dive.


Happy Writing. Live Life. Enjoy LIfe. Write More.


Comments are welcome.




We had so many “photographers”, and pictures always tell the story. Marta and George are in the first picture. Congratulations to their upcoming wedding. Hope you enjoy, and remember to have a party every day.

Now you can see what a great group I have the pleasure of seeing five days a week. Thanks to ALL of YOU.

Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 027 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 007(2) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 024(1) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 030Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 026(1)


On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, thirty of our SilverSneakers® gathered for our third annual Spring Fling at the 57th Fighters Group Patio. It was a beautiful day. Bright blue skies, great sunshine, and plenty of umbrellas covered the tables as we basked in the spirit of SilverSneakers. We all exercise, but the 3-F’s are included: Fitness, Friends, Fun. Believe it, we know how to do all three.

This was also a special occasion as we celebrated the upcoming marriage of our own Marta to George. You will see them together…and that is the couple. Life creeps up on us when we have fun and the enjoyment with friends is the best life can give us.

I’m not certain how all this will print out, pictures, as we had plenty of cameras this time and great communication connections. A lot of pictures for scrapbooks and memories. This is not the problem. The person entering the info on her blog is. These are not all the pics, downloading takes time and my eyesight, along with my fingers need a rest. Have fun. Enjoy. More to come. If you don’t see yourself here, you’ll be in the next batch.

AND, if you live in Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Dunwoody., or parts close by, check out our classes and get healthy, exercise, and have a great time.

p.s. The music is great.


Patricia Patterson



SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 003 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 004 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 006(2) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 022 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 011 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 005