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See what happens when you are having fun.  Our SilverSneakers group is all for the 3 F’s – Fitness, Friends, Fun. This is our Fall Festival at the 57th Fighters Group. Yeah, I know we were to sit out on the patio, enjoy the cool weather, and watch the planes touch down and take off. But, none of us had control over the weather; so we did the next best thing…We took over the bar area and had a blast. The windows look out onto the runways and we could see the planes come in and take off. Of course, we were much too busy laughing, stuffing our faces with great food, and getting to know each other in a social atmosphere. No, I did not require any exercise at this time. I was going to upload this pic into a huge form, and decided to let everyone try to pic themselves out of the photo.  SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 001

SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 003




Now for a glimpse of my wild side. I attended our Georgia Romance Writers Conference, Moonlight & Magnolias for a whole weekend. So many great authors and writers there and the programs were the best ever. We had so many options and classes to take, you just closed your eyes and pointed. I lucked out and shared a room with my birthday friend. Yep, we met several years ago and found out we have the same birthday, but not the same year.  As we went through all of our material, we chose classes a little different and took great notes. Then we shared everything and came up with new ideas and new strategies for our writing.

Then on Saturday night, we had the Maggie’s Award Banquet. All the published authors had entered their stories and now down to the finalists. But, we still had the HUNKS, this year just the HUNK. They are guys that pose for the covers of Romance Writers Books, usually quite down to the buff. And this HUNK, was dressed to the nines and still took time to pose with the writers around him. Just like this:20141011_190852 20141011_190756-1me and Diane. It was great fun and a lot to share with others and have good laughs. Yes our wine glasses are full. He also escorted the Maggie contestants to the stage and then off the stage . This was before the DJ and the dancing started.

Now, to make plans for next year.

I’ll get back on the blog portion by tomorrow night. Just wanted to share this with you since my website took a dive.


Happy Writing. Live Life. Enjoy LIfe. Write More.


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What Inspires You?

On FireWhat gets you going every day? A little fire under our feet, or in the pen we are using to write, or the fingers on the keyboard?

Sometimes, we do not think about the actions that propel us to go forward in whatever endeavor we attempt. This is life and we all need to make certain we do things that put some balance in our lives. We all need to be influenced by inspiration. So, where do we get these ideas?

Inspiration is everywhere, except sitting around waiting for these powers to come jump in your lap. We need to be ready and willing to step out and see what is missing in our lives.

As writers, some of our inspiration comes from exploring new surroundings, getting new ideas for our stories. These come from being around other writers, whether critique groups, brainstorming groups, or professional organizations. But, we need the stimulation of others to create new energy.

No matter what you like doing, being alone without other people is not living a balanced life. If you love to cook and always stumble around with the ‘old-hand-me-down’ recipes, you are not reaching toward new inspirations. You need to be with other people who love trying new tastes, new food groups, and be stimulated by the end results.

This could be for gardeners. Yes, if getting outside, digging in the dirt, planting flowers or seeds for a vegetable garden is what you want to do, then make certain you do it. Stimulation is great for the soul and life.

Exercise is another area where we can get inspiration. Once you establish a routine, no make that a daily routine, your body will crave these actions from being outside and meeting other walkers or runners. What about the gym? You will receive motivation from other members, meet different people, and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Inspiration is all around us: the change of seasons, the opportunities to do something different, and increase our creative processes. This about finding your passion or passions and going for whatever it is. Obstacles, of course, lIfe is not perfect, but when we get outside our small little box we try to live in, WOW! Explore these adventures, they are out there for each of us. As writers, we are no different. We need creativity, obstacles, passion and living life to the fullest, and give our readers the best book ever.

Endorse Encouragement. Propel Motivation. Share Stimulation.



We had so many “photographers”, and pictures always tell the story. Marta and George are in the first picture. Congratulations to their upcoming wedding. Hope you enjoy, and remember to have a party every day.

Now you can see what a great group I have the pleasure of seeing five days a week. Thanks to ALL of YOU.

Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 027 SS SPRING FLING 57thFIGHTER 5-7-14 007(2) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 024(1) Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 030Reunion and S.S.. Lunch 2014 026(1)


ImageS S 5-15 2013 57th FIGHTER REST 002S S 5-15 2013 57th FIGHTER REST 001

Here we are; not all of us, but enough so you can see we enjoy life, exercise, and keep fit. I have another photo that wants to delude all my efforts to insert into this post. Hang tight, I’ll get the dimensions right.

This makes the start of our third annual Spring Fling. We head out after a Wednesday class to the patio of the 57th Fighter’s Group and celebrate our hard work, new members, and friendship. SilverSneakers represents senior citizens and their ability to incorporate the three “F’s” – Fitness, Fun, Friends. Just because there may be some silver streaks shining on our heads, or maybe a hat needed to cover up the hairless head, we have the opportunity to workout five days a week in all areas of exercise and health.

We do Yoga, but not on the floor. You’d be surprised at what the body is capable of twisting and turning, stretching and balancing. We have a couple of days where we exercise our muscles and and strengthen all of our movements and increase the range in which we can move. We also, as a well known chef would say, KICK IT UP A NOTCH. We kick our heels high, strut our bodies, and give out hearts a work out with a cardio session and then…in the last class on Friday, we push the notch up another beat and for those who want to experience the floor, mats, and crunches, get it all. If one is unable to get to the floor (SilverSneaker’s way), they can do the same exercises from their chair.

I am fortunate to be their instructor and have seen many participants go from barely moving to could apply for high-steppin’ positions. And the men, walk in with shoulders straight, back, proud, and a new bounce to their steps.

When I stop and think, who could have such a wonderful position? We have been with each other in sickness, pain, sadness, celebrations, graduations of grandchildren, laughter and some tears. dip

So, gents, give the ladies a short bow, and ladies give the gents a small dip with the tips of your skirts. We have lots of work and fun to continue until October. Yep, then we’ll have our 3rd Annual Fall Festival. And who knows, if the temps are cooler, we can sit beside the fire pits and tell tall tales.

My thanks to all of you for five years of making you sweat, breathe deeper, laugh harder, and watch a new you appear.

May the SilverSneaker Gods be with all of you.


Energy and Writing

energy You are at your computer, or have your computer in your lap, or lounging on the sofa with your feet propped on the coffee table. You are intense and need those last paragraphs to roll off your finger tips. Your temples pound, the back of your neck aches, and you can feel your eyes go to the bloodshot stage.

What you need is energy. A movement in your body and mind which transports you away from your thoughts and gives you a boost.Times like these, coffee is not the answer. No tea either and definitely not a glass of ‘whatever.’

Your body needs to stretch and twist. Get off the sofa, get out of the chair, and head to the door. If it is raining, or cold, or ya just don’t wanna, okay. I have a few tips for you and they begin with your stereo, I-Pad, a Shuffle, and even the old-fashioned radio stations. Crank up the sound, get some great beats to the music, and dance. Hey, no one is around and you can shake, rattle, and roll all you like. Grab the dust mop handle and you now have a partner to twirl around.

With all these great instruments giving you energy, add in some neat exercises. Can you stand on your toes and wave your arms in the opposite direction? What about balance? Can you hold up one knee and kick the other knee at the same time? Now, a good stretch and bend.

Are you energized yet? NO? How long has it been since you waltzed around a room? Try the 1, 2, 3 step and twirl. Next, go for the Cha-Cha and swing those hips.What about a dance on Broadway. Kick your legs high and pretend to do one of the ‘can-can’ steps.

No room to rock and roll? No problem. Get on the floor and stretch your body from top to bottom. This means arms overhead and feet pushed out. Roll your head from left – to center – to right and back the same way. Have you ever wanted to stick your neck out, along with your tongue? Now’s the time, but add the roar of a Lion to add spice. Keep stretching until there is no muscle left in your body to push and pull.

Now, get comfortable with your body, take deep breaths, inhale and exhale through your nose, and let the natural movements calm your thoughts. If you want to do an ummm-ummm, hit the sound. Is your mind clear, your thoughts out of reach, and your soul quiet? Listen to your breaths and let life give you the quiet of the moment.

You open your eyes and bingo, a new idea has hit and your fingers are ready to run over the keyboard. Energy comes in many different forms. Take time from your writing to find your own new energy path. You’ll be surprised when new positive actions hit your writing, and at the time you need an extra boost.

Energize yourselves and Energize your writing.

Happy Writing.