How Do You De-Stress?


Stress hits all of us every day and how we handle our stress points are what makes us unique. There are fingernail biters, fast food junkies, nibblers at the fridge, the pieces of candy hidden in a handbag or drawer at the office. What about the candy dish set out for friends?

Stress is out there in so many disguises it’s hard to know where to begin. Sometimes, the thought of even getting out of bed for another day of unknown happenings, produces stress. Have you ever gone to the grocery store to be faced with so many choices? How do you handle the advertising, the latest medical news on foods, and feel good about what is in your cart? What about the stress brought on by yourself? You mentally beat yourself up for not doing the best. The best of what? Sometimes we have no idea, and this brings on more stress.

We can be our worst enemy. We torture ourselves and pay the price with stress. Okay, we didn’t write for three hours. The revision still needs another go-around. Or, we skipped our work-out session and feel guilty. Some chores did not get done and this makes one feel another guilt trip edging closer. Company is coming over for dinner and you make a quick check – no desert and no time to make anything.

Are you like the lion and roar about everything? Or do you see yourself as a kitty and feel the purr start? We have to listen to ourselves and decide the best way to put all the guilt trips into the garbage. How long has it been since you had a huge, belly laugh. The one where your eyes water and your insides hurt? Why not? Because stress pulls us down and we let it.

Things do not always go as planned and we need structure. Not all the time. We need to give ourselves permission to deviate from the daily grind. Maybe the quick visit with an old friend took us out of the ‘list,’ but what happened? You made two people happy; your friend and yourself. We all need more times like this. You have a new book, but feel guilty when you sit down to read. Take this break and fill yourself with pleasure.

Think of pleasure as your reward for being you. A walk after a spring rain and smell the freshness. The sound of the CD you never got around to playing, and yes you can dance by yourself. The golf game you should not take time for, but do and feel so much better even if you didn’t get the best score. The different way you drove to an appointment instead of taking the same route. The scenery change can change your attitude. Think of all the different changes you can make in your life and feel the stress melt away, day by day.

Purr like a kitten and let the lion roar. Each has their own de-stress manner. Now is the time for you to make your life a little more alive. Grab the moment.


Are Your Characters Aging With Grace?

Two friends

Here we are with all the grace you can imagine. When Patricia talked to us about the aging of characters, we became ecstatic. And, why not? Take a good look at us. We are looking at each other, not the camera. Are we worried about our hair styles? No, just glad we have hair. As one gets older, priorities change. Life becomes more precious and the color of lipstick doesn’t matter. If we have teeth, great; but we can always take them out at night and replace clean and bright in the mornings. Ohhhh, guess you aren’t interested in all of the aging points, but you might be to make changes for your characters.

Your story begins with the characters in their early twenties and progress for thirty years. Your characters need to change to make the setting realistic. The clothes, hairstyles, music, adventures and even love scenes. Authenticity can be sexy and let the inner beauty shine through. Let your characters be active in different ways.

Dress trends change each year and your characters need to change. Readers feel themselves as part of your story. If your characters are stylish, great. If a forty-five year old continues to dress as a twenty-year old. You begin to have problems. Take a good look at hair-styles, music and everything life has to offer in the early to not-so-early part of their lives.

How can you do this?  On the internet: where else. Plug in the year ask all the questions you need to know about life, styles, politics, music, housing, and even sex.

Yes, your characters have love and sex from early ’till…….Oh, the feelings are still there, just a little different. In the early stages,  experimentation is at high peaks. Later, your characters know all the positions and enjoy the warmth and closeness of their relationships.

Let your characters grow with the story and the reader will grow with them. Hey, look at us. See our smiles, our faces, with all the wrinkles and the new sparkles in our eyes. Go with the flow. Experiment new phases of life. Be happy. Show these traits to your readers and your characters can be nine or ninety-nine.

One lady explained:  love in the morning, love in the daytime, love in the evening, love at night. This never goes away. Enjoy.

Good night readers.