Reviews are part of the writing process, whether good, bad or indifferent. What writers do with them are sometimes a shrug of the shoulders. Let’s take a this to a different level. I have noticed more and more questions coming in from social media. What to do? How to handle emotions? Ignore? This is why I will take a stab at my own observations.

We write because of a fire that burns inside us. Stories we want to share. After months and months of research, writing, editing, searching for an agent or publisher or deciding to self-publish, we still keep plugging on making this the best book we can. Edits, edits, and edits are done over and over until the publisher or the author thinks this is the best.

The next steps are the cover and the ‘blurb’. You  look at the cover and decide if this entices you enough to look at the ‘blurb’. Then you notice your book is in the general “Romance” section, and you know it is romance and suspense. Sometimes, our books get into sections of a bookstore, or even online where we do not expect to see them.

A writer writes what she or he sees, feels, imagines, or has experienced. This may take a year or years to get the experiences onto the computer screen. Then  a publisher or agent comes in with their view points. Next, the bookstore puts the book into a different section.

As writers, we know our work is good, but we cannot please every reader. Each reader has an opportunity to express their thoughts on a particular book. However, I have found a lot of social medial avenues are not reviews on the books. Sometimes the reader has not even read the book, but wants to get their information online, so others will see their names on social media.

As writers, we have the option of reading and responding or not responding to these reviews. Why, we can see they have not read the book, ignore the content, or the genre of the book.

Just remember, a reader took time to bash your book and another reader took time to share a good report of your book.  Move on without a conversation on either the good or the bad. Reviews and Reviewers are part of the process. Your  part of the process is to KEEP writing.






Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The OtherlifeYou will notice, that the original posting of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow has been deleted from my blog. The publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, is in the process of declaring bankruptcy. Therefore, my book, Breaking Point, has to be removed.

Yesterday, my book was published and offered to all of you. Today, the book will be down until I know which direction I want to take. Tomorrow, is another day for me to decide in which way I want to go with Breaking Point and all the other novels still in revision, and in my head.

My thanks to all of you who have been a part of this journey with me. The critiques, the opportunities, the wonder of writing. It is too soon to make definite decisions, but with my eyes open, my heart open to new adventures, I will find what makes me happy and write, write, write with a new prospective. Life gives us many choices and we learn to accept what we can and do what is most important to us.

My blog will be up and running, probably in circles for a few times, but this will improve my way of thinking, writing, and keeping you in the loop of publishing.

Thanks for your important part in my life. Words need to be written, novels published, and readers need to read. Hang tight with me and we will once again make waves on the calm waters.

P.E.PATTERSON (Patricia)


99440ac3-d93e-450b-a356-69420d72c9e5My last post was the end of January and now I can see Valentine’s Day everywhere. My computer gave me a long sigh. I rushed her, yes, I do give names to my toys, and after an extensive diagnosis, the results came back. Did I like them. NO. Then I remembered she gave me almost nine years of constant response. Maybe the time came for me to let her rest and be at peace for all the joy she gave me. So, the tech suggested we look for a comparable to her, or if not, one I could work with. I found one I thought might work.

Now, I am frightened. Lennie wants to give me Windows 8; Acer gave me Vista, which I know forwards and backwards. Lennie offers Office 2013, and I’m used to Acer’s one click.

Okay. I’m an old-fashioned girl and comfortable with what I know. Look at this another way:  I have a car, Subie, who turns 20 this year. Do you thinek I’d let her alone in my city? No way. She and I will be together until, the mechanic says the dreaded words – we need to put her down. At this time, you will hear a loud scream, cry, tears, and then redemption and a saving grace to her.

I finally got a cell phone. My son made this a prerequisite for his calling. His words, “You cannot be without immediate connection driving to and from wherever you go” I use this for emergencies. Then when I needed to contact someone; I’d forgotten to re-charge the batteries.

No, I’m not confused. No, I’,m not opposed to new and interesting avenues of life. No, I am not a recluse or an alarmist. I just like to be comfortable around what I have and the people I know.  Then, I look around and see what all is available to me and thankful for my ability to adjust. Hard. Darn right. Then, I see this an an opportunity to adjust, apply myself, ask questions, get answers, check on line, and if all else fails, go back to my computer tech.

Every day I have fitness classes and try to get people to see new ways to handle their lives. Wow, what an insight I have to myself. Yes, my new computer, Lennie, will take a lot of my time, and yours, as I manipulate myself into the FUTURE.

Let us all remember the old, learn the new, embrace the future, and be part of life in every direction we want to go. I feel the warmth of arms around me as I make my way into this new venture of my life. Hang tight. We will get there.

Any comments are welcome, and I’d love to hear if you personalize your “things” for your lives/