images_028As writers, we hear this phrase all the time. We read in magazines the need to put the pen to the paper, fingers to the keyboard, and let the creativity flow. Some days are not creative days, but do you write?

I do. I write grocery lists, to do lists, which become more frequent as I get older. I check the calendar for any special information and jot this down on another list. Now, my lists have lists and I feel ready to hit the road. Later, I remember I did not add to my story and my manuscript needs attention.

Does any of this sound familiar? Sure. Now what? I learned to force myself to sit at my desk and pound away at the keys. Kinda like scribbling with a crayon. Some days these squiggle words cover page after page. About the time I want to give up, a fresh wave of creativity rushes in and the doodling turns into fresh material for my work-in-progress. This flow of words keeps me writing and writing until I feel worn out and empty. Then, I know my writing time is up.

As I read what is on the computer screen, I am surprised at the way the story is taking another twist. I didn’t plan this, but I won’t argue with the flow of creativity.

To be honest, some days I write early, real early, in the mornings, after the coffee pot burps into my empty cup. During these sessions, my mind races back to thoughts I had during the night. Thought that would not have appeared later on in the day. I get them captured right away. I also write in the late afternoon. I’ve gotten out of the house, sat in traffic, listened to conversations, watched people, and somehow, new ideas are born.

This is where my trusty three-ring notebook comes into play. I jot down bits and pieces of what I see or hear. It is my way to jolt my senses into their right places: feel, hear, taste, touch, and see.

Stuck, I go for a walk. Also the fitness classes I teach, help shake things around and I get another breath of energy.

Make your daily writing a positive affair with words. Bring new life into your manuscript and have fun. Yes, writing is work, but when work becomes a game with words, scenes, and characters you are creating. Go for it.


Happy Writing.