images_025You’ve got to be kidding, right? NO. This is another way to use your imagination. Sometimes when you dream at night, things do not look the same in the daylight, or you can’t remember every detail about your dreams.

This is your chance to dream in the daylight. Better yet, watch your imagination at work. Guess, you could call this the ‘what if’ part of your life. As you go about your daily activities, think of things you’ve wanted to do. Does a little voice tell you, “be practical, or keep both feet on the ground?” NOT TODAY.

This happens to both male and female, men and women, whichever you want to use.

What would it feel like to drive a new sports car, a huge pick-up truck with big tires, or a convertible. Go to a local dealership, or several, and try out the different makes and models. (No not the ones on the floor, the cars.) Let everyone know you are “just looking.” As you sit in the new car, where does your imagination take you? Are you on a long trip, but where to? In the convertible you are on the way to the beach; the one out of your state. Let your ideas build momentum and become bold.

Then as a female you always wanted to put on a new, silky, flowing long dress. Head to a department store you only look at the mannequins in the windows. Today, you open the door and walk in with determination to try on a couple of those ‘out-of-reach’ dresses. Your fantasy becomes alive with each twist and turn of the flowing material. Does this romanticized your day? Can you picture yourself walking down a long spiral staircase into the arms of . . .Hey, your choice.

Males also have these dreams with their eyes wide open, just different. Look at that new boat. He can see himself behind the wheel with a captain’s hat on his head. So, he goes to a boat show, or a marina, and plays the part of the Captain. Maybe his fantasy takes him as the owner of fishing boat tours for visitors. Or he is working for the FBI and looking for fugitives who took off in a speed boat. This is his daytime imagination.

You are both writers, unknown to each other, and appear at a bookstore where an author is reading and signing a new book. This could be either of you sitting at that table. It is YOUR book. People are there to purchase. Imagination. Soon you begin to talk with all the guests attending. Some are readers, some writers, and all these new stories begin to put creative thoughts into your heart and soul.

Everyone reaches for their ‘cards,’ and you have just found new writing friends, new readers, and introduced yourselves to the bookstore manager. A creation of wishful thinking, fantasy, dreaming, bold thoughts and all done WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.

Keep your night dreams and the pad next to your bed, but do not forget to daydream and watch your creative thoughts at play.


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