Garden of Magic

WheeeeeeWhat does this have to do with writing? Everything. When you stimulate your readers with your words, thoughts, feelings, and, of course, love, you are creating magic. As you begin your novel, or even if you are half-way through, stop. Yes, stop. Think of what you are writing, who you are writing for, and can you give this a little pinch of surprise?

Think of your writing as a garden. Some things will stay the same, but when the weeding starts, watch out. Gardeners do not want weeds crowding out their flowers, vegetables, or shrubs. Each has a place in the garden and needs room to grow, sun to brighten the day, and rain to keep them alive.

Now translate this into your writing. You do not need adjectives and adverbs crowding out your words. You need a fresh approach. So, take a walk and feel the sun on your face, enjoy the warmth, bright light, and return home with a different perspective on your story. It might be cloudy with thunderstorms expected in the afternoon. Take time to sit and watch as the clouds form, the wind increases, and observe the activity. Think about your writing. Could you increase some tension with a storm? Is there anywhere for the characters to stay dry?

As your garden grows, look at the shape of the flowers, the different textures, and yet they are all in the same garden. Do the same with the vegetables, if that is your garden. Each vegetable has certain characteristics. If you’ve planted new shrubs, look at the roots and see if they are entangled with the other shrubs. The shape of the leaves can be different even on the same type of shrub.

Keep all of this in mind as you run your fingers over the keyboard, or push a pen across the paper. Do your characters now have their own special look, feel, voice? Your characters are an extension of you and your thoughts. They need their own place in your story. No one character has the same make-up or the same flaws. Yes, flaws. Remember your garden. If everything you planted came up the same, this would be a boring place to visit. Don’t you think your characters would get tired of being the same? Give each character their own traits and flaws. This makes a great way to keep your characters fresh through the next, say four-hundred pages.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Happy writing in your garden of characters.



BlogYes, I am another day behind schedule. We’ve had rather moist days, which included Monday and the rest of the week. I wanted to get online and talk about how weather can hit our writing, but needed to stay off the keyboard.

Many thoughts ran through my head: could I write upside down and would my computer work in the wind and rain? Local news and CNN kept me informed and I shut down. Sleep? If you can sleep with both ears open for odd sounds, one eye, which did not close, hearing the wind howl, branches of trees screeching, and flashlights from heaven, in the form of lightning bolts, bringing daylight into your whole room, my hat is off to you.

This brought me to relate weather with writing. We all need some calm downtime to gather our thoughts, remove our worries, and make these distortions the smaller size instead of escalating. Storms are scary, even frightening, yet have you ever noticed your writing sizzle during these times. It’s like, get that hesitation, that fear, that feeling of isolation into your character. If your setting is in a bleak area and a storm is on the horizon, you have the experience of your storm to give to your character’s storm. You give yourself to the situation and do not hesitate. You now know what the wind sounds like and how it feels to see lightning streak across the room.

Storms can create havoc in your writing. You get to SHOW your hesitancy and can apply this to a character. Your anxieties do not hide, and you transfer these to your characters. You notice your breathing becoming short and heavy. Your hearing sharpens for any unfamiliar noise. Is it a panic attack or just plain nerves? I’d go for the nerve bit. However, if your character needs an attack of sorts, go for it. Weather can make us do strange things, and let your character do the same.

Clouds are once again gathering and the tree limbs nodding a little faster. So, a short MOIST MONDAY is in progress.

Chaotic Writing. Fantastic Writing. Safe Writing.

p.s. May all the victims of the recent and still to come storms be remembered




An IdeaWhat has this got to do with writing? The same thing as living. We need to incorporate these three cs in our daily lives, and this includes writing. I heard an interesting comment this week: write by day and edit by night. Wouldn’t this keep you on your toes and get a lot done? But, I have a life. Yes, we all do, so we need to examine the following.

#1 CONTROL – We need to take charge of our lives. This includes a personal life and a writing life. If you have an outside job, you plan each day for what needs to happen: immediately, able to work in or fit around other items, and schedule for another day. Writing and your personal lives revolve around the same parameters. Sometimes, we need to find our voice and say “no.” Maybe you write better in the morning or you get up and do chores early to write in the afternoon. If there are children, you juggle, but you still control what needs to be done and when.

#2 COMMITMENT TO SELF – You have to make an agreement with yourself and commit to YOUR plan, rules, regulations or whatever you want to name them. If you have always dreamed of writing, then start now with a commitment:  I will write ___ hours a day; ___ a week; ___ hours a month. All of these commitments are there for a purpose–to keep you grounded in your dream. A dream is a wonderful tool and an endorsement to yourself. You need to get your words on paper, computer screen, or even scraps of paper. These words fuel your spirit and mind.

#3 CHALLENGE – All of life is a challenge and sometimes ends like we want, other times the ending is unbelievable. The challenge we put before ourselves can be daunting and exhilarating. Do not go for the routine, head into unknown territory. Stomp, do not tiptoe. Stretch your mind, your body, your attitude, and yourself. You won’t break and look at some of the new lessons you can learn. A challenge gives courage and determination to you. Once the ride starts, you’ll never want to get off or slow down. When one challenge is met, another finds its way to the top. Keep the challenges coming.


This is where you forget the rules, regulations, plans, and schedules. This is where you meet your dream head-on. You create the world you want with the characters you place in this new experience. You create your own town, if fiction, or remember a town from your childhood, non-fiction, BUT you still create. New emphasis on lives, loves, places, seasons, and a little mystery to keep readers turning pages. This is your dream world and with control, commitment, and challenges you can create anything you want. So, what are you waiting for? Go for your dream