Little Bowl-Big Bowl-Super Bowl

Say Hi to my great grandson, Emery. He loves to pose for pics and this was taken a couple years ago at a Thanksgiving in the North Carolina Mountains. Didn’t even have to ask twice…once and this is what my camera showed. His arms are up into a football touchdown, but I did not get it all together. Hey, I tried.

Here we are ready for Super Bowl 2017 in Houston, TX. Know matter where we are from, our age, or sex, the TV set will have a lot of eyes watching the screen.Some of you may have had the opportunity to see this Super Bowl in person and what a great experience. We all want OUR team to win, but what I want most of all is a fair game, neat umpires, and a safe ending to the fourth quarter.

All of this suggests, Spring is on the way, and what a funny winter pattern we have had. AT lease, here in Atlanta, we’ve encountered spring, a little of summer, wet weather, tornadoes, and pot holes!  With all the cold, icy roads, and then heat, the pavement is an obstacle course.

I am still in the process of retirement. Some days leave me with so much time and other days night gets here before I want it. Still, attending classes for Yoga and Pilates and love both. Instructors are great and members friendly. Meet with my friend Kevin every couple of weeks for our writing sessions. Getting comments, suggestions, thoughts from a male writer has given me more to revise and think about. Did have a female writer/editor give me a few suggestions on revising parts of a novel. She has had a few novels published and has made some great finds.

Know I shouldn’t push forward, but Spring sounds so great. We are having a lot more farmer markets spring up in different parts of town. Look forward to seeing what all they bring to their tables.

I’m walking more and enjoying every minute. Still careful which direction I go, but meet a lot of walkers. I’d love to get a walking group together and see how we can work through everyone’s different ideas. I tend to walk and look at the world through a writer’s eye. Thoughts for a new story or to clarify something that has been bothering me. Others, see a walk as a way to communicate with the people they walk with, talking and stopping, and questioning everything. Something to think on. Any suggestions or ideas?

I want to thank all of you for your comments on previous posts and I have followed a lot of your writings. Please continue to follow me, add comments, and I am always open for suggestions.

Also, you may have some new ideas on books you have read. I made a note of a new author, Ruth Ware, and finally got a copy of her book, “In A Dark Wood.” Quite a thriller, and she also has a book out “The Woman in Cabin 10.” I think it is a great idea to promote new women writers and even the older women writers. Not meaning by age, but how long their work has been on the shelves.

May each of you enjoy the month of February and have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.  See you next month or maybe even the end of February.

Happy reading. Happy writing. Happy you.







A not so simple question. One that does not fit every writer. Some writers get up and can’t wait to hit the computer keys. Their minds overflowing with thoughts or dreams from the night. Some don’t wait for the computer, but find themselves scribbling down bits and pieces from a pad beside the bed. Others carry a notebook or use the napkin at the restaurant. Compulsive? Nope. These are writers who know writing is in their heart, head, and are helpless to do anything but write.
Others, write, but only when the mood strikes them. A television show pulls them away from writing. They want to write, but become bored with the same characters day after day. If they decided to write something different, they feel guilty leaving their characters hanging in a scene. Or, they have so many stories started and cannot finish one. Still they want to write, more out of habit than from their heart.
How can we get back to the conscious desire to connect to our writing? I asked some of my writer friends to help me out with this blog. No, I will not use names, as a matter of privacy, but I did get some great suggestions.
1. When was the last time you really enjoyed writing? Take yourself on a backward journey. Do you remember what you were writing: poetry, short story, novel, or an article? Were you writing with a pen, pencil, on notebook paper, in a small journal, or on the computer? Can you picture yourself and feel the joy? Then go back to whatever method of writing you were doing and start this same practice today. Not tomorrow. Today, when this is fresh on your mind.
2. Stop trying to write. Yes, we are told if you are a writer, you must write every day. Do not believe everything you hear. What will happen if you miss a day or a few days? Nothing. Your characters stay the same until you change them. The setting won’t blow off the paper and the hero/heroine will still get their chance at love. In fact, you might have some new ideas.
3. Take yourself to a quiet spot. Leaves the kids at home, do NOT bring your cell; well, okay bring it for emergency uses but leave it off. Take a long walk and notice the different trees, flowers, paths and other walkers. Be observant of everything you see, hear, and feel. No, don’t write them down, keep them in your memory. Plant these images or feelings deep, and they will be there when you need them later.
4. Be gentle and remind yourself this is your ‘catch-up’ period. You can push yourself only to a point, and then the well runs dry. Take some deep breaths and relax. You need to revitalize your writing experiences. Your ideas will begin to flow again and the frustration or boredom will disappear. You will be energized to keep ‘going and going and going’.
See which of these fits you and your writing. Maybe all. Maybe none. But somewhere in your writing, you will come up against the dry spell. Hey, not to worry. Relax. Smile. Walk. Energize thoughts, and you will not be able to find a pen, paper, notebook, or computer fast enough.


P.S.I’d love to hear your ideas, too.


An IdeaWhat? I have to think and think before I can create.

You are a writer, right?

Yes, but what does this have to do with creating?

You have to train, train and keep training.

Even if you have the position of a ‘gopher,’ you have to learn new ways to go for this and go for that.

But, you are a writer. You need to generate ideas or your story will go stale and never appear, even in your head. Look at all the things, yes things, around you. How creative can you get tying shoelaces. Go for the small ideas and make them gigantic.

Look at newspapers, magazines and small free mags in your city. Is there something you see that looks out of place. Check it out. This makes you stretch your imagination and gives you more ideas. You see a story about a special jewel. What makes this so intriguing? Could this jewel be part of your next suspense story? Where did you find it? If you are into romance, where did your lover get this expensive stone, when he does not even have a car? When he slips it on your finger, does your stomach do flops, your heartbeats race, or do you take it off and throw the ring down on the floor.

Your imagination is in full-throttle. Do not waste a second, and remember to take your notebook and pen with you on the way out of your door. Whatever your chose as the holder of your scribblings is your choice. I love a steno pad. Why? I can write on one side, turn the whole notebook over and write on the other side. Makes everything more interesting.

Observe what is around you: sights, sounds and smells. Each leaves a different avenue for you to travel. Do not use your computer or smartphone. No, get your body outside and walk different streets, stop in unusual stores, check out unique restaurants and look for a park.

Now, you have a few ideas in your head; put these down on your word document any way you want. They become pages of ideas and writings. Before you get too excited, look at what appears on the pages. Did you color your imagination with cliche’ tags? Look again at all of your writing ideas and delete the cliche’ words. Insert new thoughts, new ideas and new ways of writing the old standby words.

Change your pace: speed up your words or slow down and watch how the sentences change the entire store. Stop and read some of your favorite authors. Look at how they shorten sentences to make the pace faster, and then turn around and lengthen the sentences to slow the reader down.

Angry? Maybe your character is so mad you cannot show these actions. Make your sentences choppy with no real answer. Sad? Lengthen your sentences and expose your reader to an unhappy lifestyle. Paranormal? Let your character soar to another planet, one of which the partner has no idea of existence.

These are just a few ways to zap into creativity. In a few days, we will tackle more avenues for your creativity to hide and pop out at a moments notice.

Practice getting your creativity out of your head and onto the paper or screen. Get yourself out into the world. Look, see, pretend and soon you will have no problem to grab creativity by the hands full.

Go. Get started – like now.

Enjoy the hunt, Patricia