DiamondYou are almost one full month into your 2014 Resolutions. Take a peek and see if you are on track. Did your wants for change make you go overboard? Did you set unrealistic goals? Don’t laugh. Some people go for sky-high goals and set themselves up for failure? Why? Success frightens, no scares them. Get out the list you made and see how you are doing. Do not beat yourselves up. This is an oil change, not a full tune-up.

Are you writing every day? Maybe you can’t do fifty pages, or three thousand words, or revise every page of your current manuscript. But, do you sit yourself down and write? You might be working on your blog, critiquing a partner’s work, or jotting down ideas for a new book. Take another look at your original resolution. Are your goals unrealistic for you? Make an adjustment, take the pressure off, and you might find yourself writing more than you thought.

Are you researching for agents, editors, or publishers for new submissions. Have you talked with your current publisher about new options or avenues for a new work? Sure, this is still January 2014, but have you listed what you want with a new work? Can you see the WIP or the characters? Who will be your audience.  A lot of questions and no answers, yet. Go back and see if this new WIP will be ready or are you still pushing publicity and reviews on your latest work? This is the time to make adjustments. You will feel better and your submission process will improve.

Do you sometimes look at other authors and wish you had their time to give to your work? Some writers make time seem like the most active parts of their lives. But, look deep; they also have to MAKE time to get everything. Never compare yourself to another writer. Each of you are different in the way you write, what you write, your lifestyles and be thankful. Do not try to compete. Try to complete. Fine tune your resolution efforts.

Stop worrying and focus on what you want to happen. Take the negativity out of the formula and throw in a pound of positivity. Now, take a look at your writing area. Do you have good lighting, is your chair or bed or cushion comfortable? Are your files up-to-date? A lot of stress is brought on by misplaced articles, notebooks, lost pens, and extra supply of printer ink. See what you need to do your work with ease. Then make the changes in your original resolutions.

A happy and competent you gets your writing, right.  Happy Writing.