SuccessIt has been one week since I spent a harrowing five hours in my car to go 6-7 miles. Yeah, we were told there could be a snow storm, but these words have been heard many times without consequences.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, I went into class early. No snow. Cold, but, hey it’s January. After setting up the classroom, I meandered out to the front of the gym. A few spits from the skies came down. Small, more like pellets than snow, fell and did not stick to the pavement. Kinda like rain.

An hour later, class ended, equipment stored, I headed out to a lot of white-stuff on my car, the parking lot, and the gym announced they would close at 4:00 pm. I brushed off the ‘snow’ on the car windows, hood, top and let the rest alone. It will blow off as I drive. Yeah, right. I drove to my entrance to the main drag home. Yee! Gods! Cars everywhere, going north, going south, and not going at all. I got the impression that every person had their own car on the road, and this included cars for their pets. A sea of cars, trucks, SUV’s, crowded every lane. I was in one of the three lanes heading south, and the other three lanes heading north were full.

I looked at my gas gauge, 3/4 full, but still said a prayer. For once, all the drivers kept close, but did not ride the bumper ahead of them. When I got within a mile of home, my bladder made me shudder. Guys have the advantage here. I used some of my exercise positions to hold tight. I couldn’t feel my numb feet, but knew they were still there as I could push the brake and use the accelerator, but what for? I wasn’t going anywhere quick.

I got to the corner to turn on my street and thought about the hill down to my condo entrance. My heart flipped. After this hill, I had to go down, around, up, around, down, up around and prayed for no ice.

Once inside my parking deck, I took a deep breath. I do not remember breathing, but since I made the trip, guess my body did breathe. I opened the driver’s door and could not move. My whole body was numb. Feet did not go in the direction I pointed them. My butt did not feel attached to my body. As I came close to crawling out, to get inside my condo building, I saw two inches of snow, maybe more glazed over with ice. With a little Devine Intervention, my tennis shoes slid across the white stuff. I entered my building with only a short elevator ride to home. OH!  OH! Just let me get inside; then if my bladder reacts, I’m, home. I made it to the bathroom. I made it home. I made the ride and know I could do it again, but HOPE not for a long-long time.

I can hear some of you laughing. Go ahead, enjoy yourselves. We are in the South, and not used to other ways of life. Yet, old dogs can learn new tricks. I can even hear Edna and Ethel laughing.

May you have warmer days until Spring arrives.




The OtherlifeDo any of you wake up and know the events of the day will not be smooth?

When I opened my eyes , this cold morning, an OFF DAY greeted me. My head tried to list everything from top to bottom before I could get in a good stretch. Slinging my feet out of warm covers to the cold floor hurt. My toes could not find their slippers. One good thing: SUNSHINE poured into my room.

The coffee process started, I knew this would put a little ‘umph’ into my day. Turning around I choke. All the household chores done the day before showed dust particles on every surface. Dark, dreary days hide the magic of dust and dust bunnies. Then, the sun brightens the windows and dust magic stares back at me over the furniture, floors, and all surfaces.

I blow across the desk, moving some of the sprinkles away from my computer. With the lid open, I hit the ‘on’ key. The screen is filled with sparkles. I continue without bothering about the wipe cloth. At least my brain has strength to write a few pages.

A few paragraphs later, I try to print out the work. I can edit online, but prefer paper and pen to get every mistake, well, most of them. Printer hums, paper goes through, no print. The ink cartridge shows ’empty.’ I check the desk drawer, no make that drawers, for more ink. Nada. Positive I bought two cartridges, I run through some receipts. Only one shows up.

Okay, forget about the printed page until later. It is too cold to jump up and head to the closest office supply store. Besides my robe and slippers are keeping me warm. More coffee. I need more coffee. Back in the kitchen, my stomach growls. Breakfast. I check the cupboards and spot some Brown-Maple oatmeal. This sounds good. A small amount of time passes and I smell a funny order. My fingers are on the keyboard and my oatmeal is scorching in the pan. Good bye, breakfast.

Words are pounding in my head, “Let me out. Let me out.” I comply with no oatmeal but another cup of coffee would help. I watch the words fall from my head to my fingertips. I continue plugging away at the keys, and ignore the ringing phone. I keep writing and the phone keeps ringing. Not to worry. Voice mail will pick up. I am too far away to hear the words, but they will be there later.

I sneak a peek at the clock. Yee! whiskers. I need to get ready to teach my class. If I hurry, I can make it with time to spare. But, no. A tennis shoe has dirty laces and the one stretch top I wanted to wear is in the dirty clothes. Thank heavens, the toothpaste tube is full.

Dressed,  I head to my car knowing there is plenty of gas. I can stop at the store for ink. Time tells me, NO. My brunch will be a couple of bananas. Not a good way to start the day, but work with what you have.

Class is great. Maybe the bananas turned the OFF, off, and I can have a neat day after all. I smile. Then it hits me. Why didn’t I hit the early morning with a bigger smile, a better attitude , and a few shrugs of the shoulders.

I believe, we all need an OFF DAY to bring our lives into the sunshine. Stress fills each day and the smile, the laughter, and the lightness of spirit gets pushed back. Today, let all the brightness you can into your life. If you aimed for 50 pages and got 20 done; hey, you worked. Now, go play. You’ll have company when you get home….dust bunnies.