Two friends“Hey, it’s been quite a while since we checked in with Patricia. Maybe too long.” Edna sounded worried. “With this title, we should have kept in touch more often.”

“What’s wrong with right now?” Ethel answered. “If we read this post, we can figure out how to help.”

How many of you have gone to bed so tired it hurts to pull the covers up? You lay in complete darkness and silence. Too dark? To silent?

Our lives are primed for ‘go.’ The absence of activities creates unrest in our bodies and minds. This causes us tossing and turning, and the need to roll over to ease the tension. Useless movements. Now what?

Turn these tensions into story ideas. But, we are supposed to sleep. Which would you rather do: be aggravated or mesmerized with new ideas?

Close your eyes, open your mind, and hear or see the chaos. Maybe both. Sometimes this comes with a faceless image in your dreams. Put them to work. Make them tell you what they want. Are you breathing harder and faster? Are these images running from something or someone? As the mystery seeps into your being, keep going. These dream characters may want to show you important clues

You feel cool breezes on your face. There is a sense of grass, street lights, and ripples of water. A park with a lake shows up on your dream screen. The images stop. You stop as they point to an object floating in the water.

Your eyes open wide. The dream breaks into many pieces. You roll over, switch on the light, and grab your pen. After a few scribbles on the pad, your body relaxes. Your pillow cradles your head and you drift off to sleep.

The story inside you wanted the attention you either did not feel or could not see. Your unrest became the only avenue for the characters to get your attention.

“Whew, this was a long night, but glad we were close by if she got stuck in the dream.” Ethel nodded to Edna. “Now, we can take our nap.”

“And dream,” Edna giggled.