I hope you have been busy adding to your ‘Joy List.’ The more you add, the more you become accustomed to freeing your mind and opening the realm of possibilities you have not begin to try.images_080

I added to mine and feel rewarded with bloodshot eyes, time tables to meet, and yes, the revision pages of my book came in by the editor–more work–then it hit me. Of course, but the end result will be publication and isn’t that one of the goals of all writers? To get ahead and where we want to be, is not just wishing. It is hard work.

I received an email with a request to be a judge in a Romance Writers Contest in Tennessee. I had enough to do, but this is something I’ve never done and was honored they emailed me. I have guidelines to follow, which makes the judging even and straight-forward. But, what writing I have encountered. This is a Paranormal Contest, and there are many, many vivid imaginations to encounter. These contestants have turned loose their Muse or maybe hidden her in the closet, while their fingers and thoughts hit the keys. I am impressed and intrigued by their stories.

Have you ever thought about writing in another genre? One you never thought you could or are you comfortable in your present genre. If so, then what about writing in a different POV. Try something different and your ‘Joy List’ might increase in size. Be inquisitive and shake up your mindset. Remember the Christmas Snow Ball, where you twist, turn, and watch snowflakes fall inside the small ball? Try twisting and turning your thoughts the same way and see what falls out on your computer screen or in your handwritten notebook. You  never know until you try.

This is another thing with a ‘Joy List,’ the more you add to it, the more joy you create for you as a writer and you as a person. You will have more to give to others and share a different side of you..

Take advantage and surprise yourself and others. Soon, this list will become a part of your daily lives and you will experience much joy, happiness, and a new freedom of your mind. Things start to become new, fresh, and a joy to try, taste, or tempt your muse.

Have fun with yourself. Have fun with your writing. Have fun looking forward to something new.