Weather and Writing


Have you ever thought or wondered if the weather affects your writing?

I didn’t until the ups and downs of the weather beginning with the drought in the Midwest, rain and devastation in the Northeast. Then hot weather, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Now, when spring should arrive, we are again having unusual snowstorms, blizzards, rain, wind, earth slides, and the poor flowers, shrubs, and trees have no idea whether to shrivel up or try to bloom. All the distinct season we know, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, seem to blend together.

Does a trip through spring give you energy to write and add fresh beginnings to your stories? Dormancy becomes alive with bursts of nature. I have found myself outside taking walks, seeing new life, and gathering ideas. During this time, my writing becomes invigorated with different characters and story ideas flow.

When summer comes, the heat and humidity keeps me inside. The sun shines in every window and my fingers want to run over the keyboard or scribble with the pen., Forget the dust bunnies, they can be caught on a cloudy day. I just need to write.

Autumn is the magnificent, majestic parade of nature. The air feels cooler and colors look brighter. The smell of campfires, hotdogs, turkeys in the oven, and football instill excitement. My writing becomes more focused, new plots come into my mind, along with the clash of characters. Thoughts probe my Muse and she takes me to another level of writing. I write slower during this season.

Winter is different for everyone. In some places, snow piles up and stays piled up. In other areas cold rain is the snow. Where I live, one snowflake stops traffic. Yet, I continue to watch The Weather Channel and glimpse at the beauty of snow. I cuddle up with my computer and my fingers caress the keyboard. My imagination goes berserk. I picture a blazing fireplace in the living room and my characters get cozy and intimate. Maybe the Christmas tree and all the presents underneath become torment with the hope of a diamond ring or no package at all.

These are the times when my Muse is happy. Each season brings a different life to my writing. What about all you writers? I’d love to hear from you and your writing seasons.

Happy writing all year.