New BLog OutWhy? Because. Yeah, but because of what? Now, do I have your attention? Everyone writes for different reasons and some may seem familiar, some may seem ridiculous, and some may even be the right reason for you. We cannot group writers into one formation and have great stories. This is why different genres play an important part in each writer’s life.

If fame and fortune are your goals, then you need to work hard, harder, and even harder to make your writing and the story stand out from all the others. But, every story has been written. You can only let Cinderella go to one ball, right? You are the writer, take Cinderella to a different kind of ball and to kick-start the story, have her go barefooted. Change the setting and you can change the story into YOUR story.

Some may say to reap the rewards in monetary value. But all writers will not be awarded in the same way. Do you have another book to follow, maybe not a series, but another book in the wings waiting for acceptance by a publisher, or your own type of publishing. One book, no matter how great, will not be enough for writers in today’s publishing business. And, then the readers want more and more. If you are a writer and connect with your readers, then you must continue to honor your readers and craft another story for them and new readers. You write because you want to write and this is where you find pleasure.

Then, you find the most satisfaction in writing a penetrating story that touches even the hardest heart and you realize a goal you’d never thought about. The satisfaction your writing gives another person. And you hear a reader’s response that this story touched me and I could not put it down. Maybe, your writing helped that one individual come to grips with her or his fear, helped them make a decision, or found their love was still with them. You just wrote what was in your heart and let the words fill the pages for another person to read.

You write because you have a writer’s mind and heart. You are interested in the whole process of having ideas and crafting the words. This brings you happiness, even when you become frustrated and do a file save, before getting up from your chair and laptop to do a dance around the room or go for a walk to let the frustration simmer a bit. While you dance with your ‘broom’ partner, new thoughts race through your head. Or on your walk, the sounds of nature fill you with new insight to your frustration and new ideas flow. This is the writer inside you acknowledging your irritation and letting the muse nurture you back to your chair and laptop.

By now, you have a good idea of Why You Write. Keep your writing fresh, invigorating, suspenseful, and full of love for your readers. Surprise your readers. Yet you are the same writer giving new stories to your readers – consistent, interesting, and refreshing.



Two friendsThought we disappeared into the sunset like Thelma and Louise? No Way. We’ve been reading all about the revising process.STOP. You can revise, revise the revised, and re-revise the revised and your work can fall into pieces.

We try to keep up with your social media networks, Linked Together. No Edna, you are wrong. It is called LinkedIn. So big deal, it still links everyone together. Don’t care what you think, Ethel, but you got excited about this question posed to all the readers: Professional Editing vs. Professional Marketing. This gave us another chance to discuss our opinions (more like bickering back and forth), and came up with the same answer. You see, we’ve been together for so long, we need the excitement of hefty discussions to arrive at the same answer PROFESSIONAL EDITING. Lot more fun.

Every book writer can do marketing, book launches and sales as you prepare your audience for a new book or an addition to your series. What matters are your readers. Get their responses with a few advanced copies or freebies. Never knew any one to turn down a free book.

A writer writes to get a GREAT novel out to their readers. A GREAT book delivers interest to your readers and your characters draw the readers into the story. with their voice. Sometimes the voice is timid. Forget this voice and go for the one that snaps the sentences off the page.

What about the action in your book? Do your characters dawdle? Do you bring your characters face to face with their fears? We’ve faced many fears in our lives and found the best survival mode – OUR principles. A little forgiveness and your reader can connect. You can also use this method to motivate your characters. Step into a different boundary and see what they can do.

When you give your readers a great novel, they will connect and in turn help you move your sales ahead. Sure, you need to be on top of your work, give book signings, answer questions, email your subscribers, and get yourself out among your readers. Do not forget to support other writers.

Make your writing pop, crackle, and crunch. Forget all the non-action words, scenes, characters and you will bring joy to your readers and increase your sales. But you need a great novel, edited and ready to ride into the sunset, as we must do now.

Thanks for letting us pop in and we will visit again soon. So for now, pop those pages and listen to your readers. Any comments? We can take the good and the bad and the ugly. Sorry, we had to add this.



As writers, we hear over and over about platform. Have one – Get one – Make one – Do one, and we try to do all we should before we study and do research. Why? Best guess is we want to keep up with everything and forget to take a deep breath and learn.

Maybe, all this hesitation is really procrastination and we are not ready for all the work before us. You do know we have to write and get out book finished. I do not know how I’ll get everything done. I feel swamped.

Let’s take this a step at a time and stop the nerves jumping, the heart pumping harder, and get things under control. No one is ever ready to head into an unknown  project, and this project can determine the outcome of your book. Scary?

Do you know your audience? What audience? No one knows about the book I’m writing. As a writer you need to study your characters and their lifestyles. You know if your story involves children, young adults, mature teenagers, or thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy ‘something ages.’ Go to a library, bookstore, yes even a grocery store that sells books. See who is picking up the books AND notice how they read the back cover. Start your research.

Contacts? Oh? Do you have contacts in radio or television or even the colleges around your area? Research each venue and find the name of one person to assist you. It might be the receptionist, but be polite, considerate and congenial. Ask if there might be a possibility of meeting the person for a quick visit. No,not an interview, at this time. Sometimes a quick face-to-face meeting is a great start.

Stay focused. You will never feel 100 percent ready to promote yourself and your book, but find your focus plan. Do you belong to writers’ groups; have a website; blog; a Facebook page with your profile? Put some excerpts on your blog, throw some spice into your social media, and keep writing, writing, and writing.Read everything you can on publication, as it changes every day. Bone up on the avenues you must travel to keep yourself going forward. Commit your time and energy to your new and emerging business–yes, business. As a writer, you will publish, promote, read, do interviews, and you need to be prepared for all the extra pleasures and pit falls.

You are headed in the ‘WRITE’ direction and your momentum is unstoppable. You have done your homework, you have other people to work with you, and YOU CAN MAKE IT.

Hit the road and never stop.

Is Conversation in your Platform?

Platform. Platform. Platform. As writers, we hear this word over and over. This is a bio of you, your writings, which include articles, newsletters, your website and your blog. It is not about what you want to write; but about communication on an ongoing basis.

You have all this information out on the internet for people to read. You need to stop and ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” What subjects do you have expertise and could talk about? It is time for your homework.

Who is your audience? What organizations would be included in your audience. How can you reach these people? Wait. I’m lost. Okay, you write fiction, but what genre. Who is the reader of these books. Now, go directly to developing your presence with these groups.

Do you belong to writer groups? Do you meet with them? Do you go in and leave? Not any longer. You connect, talk, be friendly and open. Get to know your fellow writers and let them know you. Say, you connect with only two people; hey, these are two people you didn’t know and now they know you.

Have you ever answered a call to volunteer for one of your organizations? “I do not have time. My writing comes first.” But, if you do not have an audience, who will read your words?

Learn to offer to speak in public. “I can’t get up and talk in front of strangers or friends.” Go at this slow. If you write, you read. Check out book clubs in your genre. You can promote your book and speak to other readers. This could lead to an offer to read at a library and get other authors to come.

If you are aware of a conference, see if there might be an interest for speakers in your genre. You have done a lot of research on material for your book, fiction or non-fiction. You want to share this information with other writers, old or new, coming to the conference.

One last charge — update yourself constantly. Take advantage of every opportunity to get yourself out in the public and COMMUNICATE.

I don’t know about you, but if I speak in public and screw up, I want to be the first person to make fun of me.

Happy visibility to you and your work.