dog days of summer

Do you always look around for that ‘Perfect Condition’ before you do anything?  Have you ever tried just doing and being without nothing around you? When you wait for the perfect condition, you push away your creativity, your energy and settle for just what comes next.

Sometimes, that once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by in a hurry and you miss the positive energy. What? Miss what? The chance for happiness today.  Your creative energy dips low and lower. You are delaying your life until the future arrives. You are not being honest with yourself. Sometimes we cannot see the happiness around us, because we are waiting for the future.

What’s wrong with NOW? If you do not enjoy the present, or you spoil the present with all these unused opportunities.  You need to dump the negativity and do what “Buster” is doing in the picture. Forget everything, stand in front of a big fan, and let the wind it creates drive the present all around you. Fretting about the past and agonizing about the future is hard work and doesn’t do a thing but offer confusion.

How many times have you picked up the cell, or started to send an email to friends you want to see? But, with the house not straight, or a dust bunny or two under the sofa, you panic. Why? Because you’re not perfect? Be happy with today and with your friends. The future is not going to wait for your happiness. Enjoy today or you will end up destroying both the present and the future.

When we wait for everything to be in its place, the positive energies evade us and we remain sad.  NOPE.  We have great opportunities left to accomplish and we need each other. Friendship is more than looking at perfect conditions, it is enjoying the road we travel to get there with friends and laughter. Things may not be perfect, but the opportunities are unlimited.

 Go stand with Buster and enjoy your day.


Two friends“See there, Edna. I told you she’d be back. Now, let’s hear what happened” Ethel remarked. “Then we can compare notes.”

I looked at the last post, September 14, and shuddered. Too long, but when you don’t feel good and go to the ER for a quick check/answer, you never take your computer, flash drive, Kindle battery connection, or even the quick charge to your cell phone. At least I don’t, and this could change. Hurt between the shoulder blades and coughing so hard, I thought….what if I cracked a rib? Sometimes things happen for a reason when we do not know what the reason is. After probing, pushing, pulling, poking, and a zillion tests — bronchial pneumonia, but wait. Another x-ray, CT scan and staring back was a tumor on the tip of my left lung. Here I go in for a diagnostic test and yes, the thing is cancerous and needs to come out. Did I feel pain? No, only from the pneumonia. A leak in the lung brought another part to their attention.

Doctors, surgeons, and nurses all have a language unauthorized for a simple human being. What? Where? What does that do? Do I have to? Sometimes my head hurt worse than the other parts of my body–until my son (medical profession) arrived and conversed with me in what I call ‘momma talk.’

He stayed with me through surgery and the removal of the tumor, the inserting of a tube in my left side to help drain fluid from my lung. Between my son, friends, and priest, I felt comfortable with what was going on. EXCEPT, I was bored and the hospital room never changed. Oops, the room number changed three times, but I could make the same turns in each room. No computer and then no charge for my cell. One of the nurses took it out to the Nurse’s Station and someone had a cord which would fit., but nothing for my Kindle.

On October 2, 2013, the drainage was down to nothing, and with my son taking me home and being there, I got released. Home never looked so good. Now, I am walking, walking, walking and walking at least 4 times a day, doing the exercises I do with my class every day, and breathing DEEP. I will return to my SilverSneakers’ class as their instructor, but will make certain the time is right.

Now, I can devote more time to writing and talking to all of you at patriciachats.

Thanks for letting me give you a short synopsis, but as my readers and followers, I felt you should know.

One thing I believe:  Cherish Yesterday. Dream Tomorrow. Live Today.

Happy writing to all.

“Okay, Edna, we are back in business and I know she’ll have some great stories from characters encountered during her ‘stay.’