Time slipped away and I didn’t even notice. Guess that tells you something about my state of mind–frozen. There are so many avenues to slip down and then forget how to return to the current path. But, with everyone in a rush for Thanksgiving, thought this might be a good place to start again and catch up on life before the year changes to 2018.

Home news involves my son and his wife.  They have moved to Florence SC and I’m anxious to visit and see their new home and South Carolina.  I can do this now that I’m in retirement. Yep, made the big switch this year and enjoying the new changes.  No, I do not sleep in as old habits are hard to break. But, I do enjoy early morning coffee in my p.j’s.  And I even retired from my Silver Sneakers Group. That was the hardest for me to do after 8 years with this great group. Every now and then, we need to step down and have other capable people step up to the plate.  Gives a breath of fresh air for all and new trends to make and see what happens.

Also, this gives me additional time to write….and after I went to our M&M Conference this past October, I did a pitch and received a request for more information. Since then, I have worked with a new Editor at Wild Rose Press, Inc. and what she has found out about my writing.  I work with her and get the new writings  ready for her to review. It is interesting to see what happens when I write.  Never thought much about it, but sure do now.  I know in my mind what needs to come next and that is where it stays….in my mind. I think it and forget to write it.  Does not do much for the story!!!

We are having an exciting time- the implosion of our old stadium.  Traffic is horrendous and I will not be anywhere near downtown when this occurs on Monday, 11/20, at 7 AM.  But, I will be glued to the couch, with coffee in hand, and the television on. The old stadium and our new staditsum are so close together it will be interesting to see what happens. Some people think we will be able to feel the implosion at our condo, but there is a lot of streets between downtown and our home.

And another important item I just heard on the news this morning – The lighting of the big Thanksgiving Tree is now back to the roof of Macy’s. I’m happy to hear its return to Lenox Mall, which seems more conducive to family than the Underground location downtown. Hey, just my opinion.

Thanksgiving and may each of you enjoy your time with family and friends.  I’m getting back on track and will have more for you in the days and weeks ahead.  It is beautiful here, the trees are starting to change colors, the air feels like Fall, and we can put summer up until next year.

Have a great gathering, eat lots and suffer later, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.