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During our current M&M Writers Conference for 2016, I was fortunate to meet so many new writer friends. We all have one thing in common…creativity. One writer, Mary Buckham, who was our featured Craft Speaker on Sunday, October 2, 2016, kept all of us in the active setting with neat body language skills for all of our characters. Even ones we had going strong, there were ways to make them memorable, not in what they said, but how they moved and gave off body language to the readers.

She gave us the opportunity to keep in touch via her newsletters. There were so many handouts for future study and looking toward new avenues of writing. Here it is almost the end of October 2016, and I am getting around to reading all of the fantastic information from all of our Guest Speakers. After such a conference, it takes a while to deflate and then go back through everything with a fresh look on how to include these wonderful ideas.

As writers, we all need creative people around us. We need to bounce ideas back and forth and see which ones work for OUR CHARACTERS. As in real life, we need to give our characters the opportunity to expand and see different sides of themselves. Sounds like they are real people, and aren’t they? Each word, paragraph, page we write, makes our characters come alive and real, not only to our readers, but to us as writers. They have been created by the writer and we know them intimately, Except…there are times when the character and the writer do not click. Guess who takes over?

We create the second we walk out into the real world and notice all the opportunities for new stories. We also need encouragement from our fellow writers, and focus on the story we are building with our characters.

Thank you, Mary Buckham, for letting me use some of your quotes to share with a lot of readers and writers. The first one is from Mary:  “Books aren’t written, they’re rewritten, including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn’t quite done it…”

And from Chris Buillbeau…”You must drop the need to be liked if you want an extraordinary life.”

Michael Crichton give this out…”If you never begin, you’ll never know what could have happened if you tried.”

Thanks Mary, for sharing your writing and ideas with all of us. Now, you can begin a new chapter with creative characters, moving characters, and characters full of life. You can catch Mary at

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  1. Thank you Patricia for a lovely blog and for sharing your journey in becoming a stronger writer. As isolated as writing can be at times it’s the synergy created by other writers sharing that makes all of us stronger. You rock!

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