screen-shot-2014-03-03-at-9-58-49-am  Time to Write

How many times have you told yourself, whispered to yourself, and promised yourself…it is TIME TO WRITE? I’m certain many times and what did you accomplish–frustration, irritation, defeat, and a blocked mind.

Are you just starting out on a new work?  Have you thought through your process? Do you know where you want this new work to take you and all the characters? Have you done a cheat sheet…AKA as an outline or do you make small notations about your characters?

Authors, I have talked to admit, they have started out as a draft in longhand and used bright colored ink. This attracts the mind to the paper and not floating around the room. There is something magical when writing by hand…the hand and the heart connect. No, it is not always perfect, but a great start. You sit at your desk,computer fired up ready to go, and your fingers cannot move fast enough over the keys. Perfect, of course not, but this is your brain working through your fingers.

Now is the TIME TO WRITE…make a date with yourself every day at a specific time. Yeah, I can hear the excuses before I put in the first period. I cannot block out another minute. How do you think novels get written? We are writers and writers write. If that deep heartache does not get some TLC, and you continue, then you are a writer and CAN block out a small portion of your time.

You know your life, problems, happy times, so focus on 45 minutes of time for yourself. The important part of this is discipline. Some writers are early birds and up before the sun rises, the hubby has to get ready for work, and the kids rush around for school. Take this time and do not squirrel it away THIS IS YOUR 45 MINUTES. Nothing you write will be perfect. If you are a perfectionist throw that away for 45 minutes. Keep writing and your fingers moving. REV up your enthusiasm running to full throttle. After two or three days, you will find yourself waiting for this time with your words. Remember, this is a draft, the fun part of writing. This is where you release your imagination and let it roam, float, and fly high.


I’d love to hear from you and your writing times.


Have Fun. Happy Writing.  Happy You.