Books and Pen-300x231Thought this title might cause some confusion or at least
give you a chance to think about it. As writers, we have been told to
read and read all books. Not just in your genre, but in other genres 
that may be unfamiliar to us. This gives us a chance to observe 
different styles, different words, and the opportunity to see how 
writers put them together. Reading out of your comfort zone increases
the writer's ability to visualize, stretch the imagination, and push 
their writing to the 'edge.'Sometimes this takes a writer to a different
and scary part of their experience. What's to say that men cannot write
fantastic romance or women can't write about racing cars? Getting out of 
our comfort zone take courage and practice. 
What about readers becoming writers? Who's to say yes or no. Have you 
read a book and thought, "I could do better than that." Then sat down at 
blank screen and the keyboard waiting for you to pounce on the keys. This
can be a frightening experience and you realize how this can scare you 
away from writing.
I used to go into a library and head for the same content...murder, 
detective genres. Then, I became interested in the same genre with a
lot of romance intertwined. Sometimes, I headed toward the non-fiction
or historic novels such as Personal History, autobiography of Katharine 
Graham, or Savage Beauty, the life of Edna ST. Vincent Millay to name a
few. Did this change my writing?  Yes and No. I became more concerned 
about words I chose to use.
Yes, I read a lot of books and keep a running list in my possession at 
all times. This is a turn-around list. I keep the authors and can add 
any new one at any time. My version is listed under their names by 
titles I have read. Sure saves time returning a read book.
Take a look at your own reading and writing and see how this influences
you and your writing. What new avenues this has helped you cross and 
how you did it.

I'd love to hear from you and get your ideas. With your permission I 
will have a post to compliment all of you readers and writers.

On a personal note, the first author I remember reading is ZANE GREY.