images_012The other day, I sat at my desk and looked at all the piles, folders, papers papers and decided to make this mess smaller. No, I do not hoard. In fact, I hate clutter and here is all this STUFF covering my desk. Most is junk and I started out with that first. I got caught up in the momentum and the shredder smoked. After the important STUFF appeared, the slow down began.
I’m sure each of you have your own important papers that you file until you get bombarded with life and happenings. This makes for a day of filing instead of just filing. You begin to reread the papers. Oops, maybe this should not be discarded or shredded. And that pile of filing turns into two piles: O.K. to toss and better hang on to this. The piles got smaller and just right to put aside and wait until my head cleared. I’ve gotten paranoid about tossing without considering the taxes and possible deductions.
After years and years of working, you’d think this would be a breeze and no piles should appear on my desk. Nope. The working years gave me a sense of purpose and duty. Now, no one is looking over my shoulder or gives a thought to what is going on, and I slack off. Except, my piles are not mixed, rather everything is in its correct pile, but the piles get bigger and bigger. Ever had this problem?
No more. Today is the day to get back on track and the old saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” I can’t handle mess and confusion, so my file drawers get a make over and labeled again. As I sort and replace, there are things I can even shred from here and hesitate. “Either toss, keep or shut up,” I tell myself. My two biggest files are writing and exercise. These are straight. Why? Because these are the dream of my retirement and I keep them close at hand.
Anyway, it was hectic day and well worth the effort. STUFF makes for discontentment of life. STUFF can be anything that clouds your thoughts, fills your file drawers, clogs your brain, or possesses your time. Look, read, important, and then toss or file. Sure makes energy sprout up and stuff disappear.
Now it is time to get on to the next chapter with a clear head.
Happy Writing. Happy Space.  Happy You.