Do Something Different

Do you always take the same road to the same place every time? It’s easy and you do not have to look for signs, but isn’t it boring?
The same goes for writing. We are told ‘write what you know,’ but doesn’t this get boring too? Sure, we like to stay in the genre we know and this does not have to be boring. Characters have minds and if we turn them loose, their adventures can surprise even their writer.
Getting rid of the shame you feel when you are not creating, gives you the right to try something new or blow off the dust to an old project you just could never finish. Take a break and look through all the files you stuck in folders because they just seemed to take you away from your writing. Why? Did they sound more like fun, rather than writing?  A mini-mini vacation might be what you need.  You need to run your body and mind like  a machine and give it proper fuel to keep going.
When our mind slows down, this could be an indication of boredom and we need to step away and take a break. Do something that is not writing. Some have hobbies a 100 degree different from writing. Kinda like doodling, quilting, painting, gardening, watching old movies, running, even taking acting lessons. Even a long walk away from your neighborhood can stimulate your senses. You see different places you begin to imagine the people living there. Then your nose senses new flavors from a restaurant around the corner. A name you’ve never seen, but you are enticed by the exotic smells floating through their open windows. You continue this walk through unknown neighborhoods and feel a release of adrenaline. Your whole body becomes alive and boredom no longer exists.
You are almost ready to return home, and a turn in the sidewalk takes you by a park with a lake you’ve never seen. People are feeding ducks, stretched out on blankets, relaxing and at ease with themselves. You make a mental note and a promise to yourself…I will be back.
Now, you are ready to turn around and head home. A new energy has replaced the boredom and you look forward to the end of the day. Yet, your mind tells you….shut out the noises in your head and anything else for the rest of the day. All of your work will be there in the morning and you want to continue this energy blast. Well, maybe just a peek at your draft, OR writing something in a notebook with your hands and heart tied together. You pick up the notebook and write down the picture of the lake and underneath, the road to get there.