It is a free day to think about everything and nothing. Remember the child inside you and let go of all the ‘work’ or ‘writing’ thoughts rambling around in your head. IT’S PLAY TIME.
Sure we use our imagination to plot a novel, to bring our characters to life, or create a fantasy, but we are still in the thought mode for our readers. Let go and you’ll reap big rewards.
Think back and picture yourself stretched out on soft green grass, and looking up at the clouds play hide ‘n seek with the sun. You get a picture in your mind of something new. Turn loose and dreams become part of this picture. Clouds turn into different formations and as soon as you attach to one cloud, it disappears and another formation takes over. Clouds do not care about first place or even last place. They move along with the flow, creating new adventures for us to see. Yet, we are sometimes too busy to watch and miss out on a lot of images we could use in our lives.
Imagination is creative ability. Our minds form a mental picture of something we’ve never seen before. If you keep your imagination active, it is like a movie in your mind. Things seep inside and you become more involved with people and things around you. You gain the ability to think of new avenues, new possibilities, and yes, they can even be fantasies. These are your daytime dreams pushing you into chartered territories. These moments help you deal with problems, find solutions, and become more aware of possibilities in your life.
Your mind is not on a leash, but running with you in your head. You can hear new sounds, see new clouds form, feel more alive, and more relaxed at the same time. Solutions to a writing problem become clearer and you know what to do with your characters. This could also be an actual situation and you realize the changes you need to make in your life. Don’t ignore these mental images, rather embrace them and enjoy the changes they make in your personal or writing life.
Your imagination is alive and working. Run with the new images. Play with new mental pictures. See through your imagination and have fun.



Have you ever sat down to write and nothing happens? The screen stays blank. You continue to stare at all the white space without seeing even a squiggle or a flicker. Why? You are ready to write and write and write, but you feel you have a leak in your head. Everything up there is escaping. Air whistles in your ears like a locomotive on the railroad tracks, but does not send thoughts into your fingers. “I’m lost,” and you decide to turn the computer off and give up. WAIT! Not so fast. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities and causes of this dry well. It did not happen overnight.
Sometimes, we have so much in our minds, on our to-do-lists, problems at work, problems with the vacuum cleaner, problems forgetting to say ‘no’ that we are over extended. But, you need to get the submission out, you forgot to answer an email, and you listen to your overloaded mind give you all the excuses you want.
Yes, you are right. We do all of this to ourselves to get more done, more completed, more new thoughts, more new beginnings . . . and you can name them for yourselves. But, does this get results or more problems?
We are not machines. We load so much into our thoughts, we need a mental reprieve. Stop for just a moment and ask yourself what is the worst that can happen, and then take a deep breath, throw your shoulders back, and look around. Better yet, get up and walk around. Your space might be huge or extra small, but a few steps, with the knees lifted high, is better than sitting in a chair with our legs crossed, tension running up and down our spine. Get up and take a walk in the rain, snow, cold sunshine, and if you have a pet, this would be a great time to walk the dog. Do not hurry and observe everything you see, hear, feel, and smell.  We get so bogged down with writing, we forget to be human. Our chores become routine, and before we know it, they take over our lives. Guess what? The well goes dry. This little walk, refresher period, or nothing time becomes the most important part of your day.
Think about how the air smells. Do you detect a scent of cinnamon, a big juicy burger, or strong caffeine from a coffee shop. In this short time, you bring your senses forward, your listening sharpens, and your head feels less empty. The well is working, not at full speed, but working.
Back home, do not go directly to your computer, but feel your body come alive with new thoughts and new senses. Tomorrow, you will watch your fingers fly over the keys with words you never imagined.
Never get bogged down again. Take a much needed walk. See. Feel. Smell. Enjoy. The well will fill up again.
Happy Walking. Full Well. Happy Writing. Happy Reading.

A Happy YOU