On FireNow, is the time to start your own inner fire with positive activity interventions. What in the world are these? Happiness is a journey and to incorporate positive attitudes, we are on this trip all of our lives, if we want real happiness. Yes, this takes work on ourselves to accomplish our change of attitudes, habits, and getting away from instant gratification.
Okay, you get a new job, or a hefty raise, and soon you are back on the old treadmill.  The new position becomes routine and you notice the increase in your paycheck does not bring the happiness you thought more money would. What about turning these emotions to include others in your process. Do you balance your life like you want or do you keep plodding down the same path, day after day.
Now, is the time to do a self-examination. Are your hours filled with activities that create a warm-fuzzy feeling, whether by yourself or around others. What you need is a cause and effect to light the fire within you. Happiness does not delete bad days, but it can make you less afraid of not being the perfect person. We sometimes forget to be grateful for what we have and instead focus on what we do not have. Take the positive emotions and experience the feeling of joy and contentment you get during the day.
Have you ever thought about writing a thank-you note to a friend? What a surprise for that person and you will feel the good vibes too. What about a quiet hour together with a friend? At first it might seem strange; no one says anything, no one looks at the other person, no one does anything. Then after a few moments, a feeling of recognition comes into focus. You are both trying hard to be quiet, when the giggles or smiles begin. During that little part of silence, you have gotten in touch with yourself and each other.
It is not the big things in life we need, it is the little things of sharing, caring and keeping the fire burning inside you. This small fire will ignite people around you and soon become a bonfire for all of you.
Use your new insight to remind yourselves that a bad day can and probably WILL happen. So, what? There are plenty of happy days ahead. Just plod toward the next day, bringing your happy moments along.
I hope everyone survived the incredible snow over the weekend. I watched the cascade of flakes fill the roads, yards, parks, streets, and wherever else they could land. But, I also noticed the look on the kids’ faces as they trampled through drifts, used plastic lids for sleds, and had a ball during the day. Don’t forget, you can also get these happy faces back into your lives. Learn to play, again.