energyI saw this picture and it gave me what I miss during the winter months–Energy. Yes, this is January 2016 , but last year, 2015, was our blast of snow, ice, rain, and fear. Fear, if you were driving from work to home. Approximately 7 miles and it took me over 6-1/2 hours to get home. Today, we once again had ‘winter storm warnings’ of ice, snow, and rain. Our weather has taken rides on a roller coaster for over two months. Still, one cannot dismiss the beep..beep..beep of news announcements. For the far north part of Georgia, the snow, sleet, ice became the big forecast. For the middle north of Georgia, I watched the temperatures dip, the forecast of rain, and immediately thought of ice and black ice. But the warm streets, just above freezing temps, gave me the courage to continue to work. So far, rain is all I have seen around my home. We  were waterlogged before, and this adds to the soaked soil and possibilities of downed trees.  Did watch the news and saw snow in North Georgia and a lot of happy kids using their “snow day” to enjoy the cold, white stuff. Have no idea what tomorrow morning will bring, but I’m safe at home, enjoying the sounds of raindrops hitting my windows, and the opportunities around me for writing.

In December 2015, Niki Salcedo, writer and author of All Beautiful Things, gave our program at Georgia Romance Writers. She spoke about her life as a wife, mother of beautiful children, and writing. At the end of her program, we received green pieces of paper, which fit into the green envelopes she provided. We were to write in our own words our goals for our writing and  our lives for 2016. Then she and her husband, who attended with Niki, picked them up. She would mail them after the New Year. You cannot imagine what an impact this had when I received my own green envelope.

I opened my mail and was shocked at my own handwriting giving me instructions on my writing life for 2016. This was not something I’d read, but my own goals set by myself for my writing life and writing opportunities.Thank you, Niki, for your great insight on our writing lives. May you continue in your success along with the sharing you continue to give to writers.

I hope to do better on my blogs, that is writing more often. When I started out, my vision was fantastic, but I forgot about life, intrusions, and the time for all to come to fulfillment. Now, I have a green card posted above my desk and no one can shame yourself better than yourself.

May all of you enjoy the possibilities of the New Year , along with all the opportunities you can rope in to your world.

Happy Writing.  Happy You.