This is a question we need to answer and find out about our happiness. I’d be happy with staying in bed an extra hour, while another person wishes to get up an extra hour earlier to enjoy the quietness or get in a few more pages of a novel. The demands of our busy lives create stress that even more hours in a day may not help. Polls and researchers have realized that we are less happy today than we were a few years ago? What? Yes, even with our technology and quick responses, technology takes away as much as it gives. Sure, we do not have to wait hours or days to get answer to questions, we we seem to spend more time in technology and less time with family and friends.

Somewhere along the fast lane, we have forgotten what it means to have time with our friends, make new hobbies, go for walks, exercise, spend time doing nothing, and enjoy family and friendships. These are areas where technology does not apply  and makes some look like they are not using all of the skills. YEEKS!

So, let’s talk about these skills:  conversing, laughing, enjoying hobbies, knitting, reading a book or magazine, playing board games with other people or family members, a great cookout and a pleasant evening. How long has it been since you’ve read a book to your children, or talked about a book with your family?

Do you know happy people live longer, have less heart problems, and enjoy life? Activities you choose, make a difference in your lives. Exercise is one activity that is essential to our longevity and well-being. Instead, we make excuses :  I can’t afford a gym; I don’t have time to exercise; I’m busy taking care of our home and family; I fix  healthy meals. Then, we then we tend to find our chair in front of the television or computer where the day ends and begins there the next morning.

This year, think about slowing down and spending more time with your friends and families. You will see a different side of everyone and learn more about each other. Do activities that make you come alive and want to share with everyone. This can be the beginning  knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and having more than you ever thought possible.

In the meantime, think of some activities you have never tried and might want to share with all of us.  Around the holidays, I noticed several people with bags of yarn, crochet hooks or knitting needles. They looked so relaxed while making or completing their projects.  So, I signed up for a free class on knitting, later this month. It may be the instructor shakes her head, but it is worth trying. Even a scarf or place mats would work for me. Just do not expect anything in the mail.

Always go forward with your ideas, activities, and enjoy life.


Happy New Year. Happy New You. Happy Writing.