2016 New Beginnings


Take a good look at the picture and see all of the blank pages you can add this new year. No wonder “New Year” looks so intimidating. This is your new year and you have the opportunity to fill in your pages, your way.

I was asked, before 2016 became a reality, about resolutions:  Do you make them?  Do you keep them a secret? Do you share with others? Do you hide them in a box, drawer, or notebook? Do you check to see if you are making progress? The answer is a definite “NO.”

I look at the New Year as a chance to make achievable goals. These are avenues you set to make yourself a healthier person, a happier person, a more helpful person to others.

This new beginning try to smile more often, even to people you do not know. Laugh a lot more. Stop and ask yourself when was the last time you had an old-fashioned belly laugh? When was the last time you sat and did nothing and let your mind wander to unknown places. No pressure. No to-do list to check off. This can be a walk outside, or a favorite CD you play just for yourself. What about reading a good book? Could be one you’ve read or a new one you want to check out.

And, let’s not forget our friends. Keep in touch more often. Remember to call and chat for a few minutes. This could be the time a voice brought peace to another person.

Most of all, be good to you this year. Keeping yourself healthy, exercising, eating the right foods, and listening.

Start now and fill the New Book with ideas, plans to share, and ditch the resolutions. These are accomplishments you create not only for you, but for others.

My wishes and hopes for each of you: Be Happy. Be Kind. Be Loving. These simple acts can make a difference in your lives and the lives of others, whether friends or strangers.

Have a neat 2016.