Yes, changes are headed our way. Feels like we are having summer in December. Makes me wonder if we’ll have winter in July?

I am late in getting this blog out to all of you. Time and doctor appointments are taking up a lot of my writing space. Yet, I made a date with myself to set the alarm early, the coffee pot the night before, and get my fingers on the keyboard. So far, this has worked for my novel writing, but my patriciachats blog slipped behind. Not any longer.

As writers, we need to prioritize our work and keep plugging away no matter what crops up. Now, I have a calendar on a cork board, above my desk, which I use to enter in what I worked on, what needs to get worked, and hope this will keep me on track.

I am writing a new romantic suspense, and since I know almost nothing about guns, decided to get this information first hand–a firing range. I’m checking out quite a few for the basics and looks like it will be a great way to do research. If a writer is not factual, even in fiction, the reader knows.

Yes, writing what you know is great, but think of all the ways you can enrich your story and your writing by pushing yourself into new avenues. Research is work, but also a new learning curve for a writer.

Our SilverSneakers® group had our annual holiday luncheon at Hudson Grille. They always welcome us with great service and fantastic food. Hopefully, I can attach some of the pics for you to check out. We might have silver hair, but what a jumpin’ group we have.

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Happy Holidays