Right Brain? Left Brain?

delicate-arch-896885__340I am sitting here ready to start a new blog. Black Wings by Iryna Combs has now made its debut and I wish the author great success.

My mind is not running in circles, rather back and forth, then up and down, full of thoughts, words, ideas and nothing wants to stand out and be captured. Okay, then I will find out how to capture these images, corral them, and put them on the page. One side of my head says ‘yeah, right,’ and the other side is gathering energy to make this happen. Right side, left side, right brain, left brain, who cares as long as I give out a little information for every writer.

This makes me think back to our Georgia Romance Writer’s Conference, Moonlight and Magnolias. When I came hone after a great, long weekend, I put all my notes away for a while. My head was spinning with so many things at one time, nothing focused. But, this has changed.

I am submitting material to publishers, agents, and thoughts of self-publishing keeps seeping inside my head. I am working on two books at the moment, and instead of the negative thoughts about the number of words I write, the positive side wants more and more. Seems like this is my writing habit…more than one book at a time. It keeps me on my toes, since I am a panster, my cheat sheets are filling up fast. A lot of what comes out of my writing now falls in the dark side of life with love filling the cracks. Murder and mayhem tied together with red bows of emotions, longing and searching the the HEA, (Happy Ever After) ending. Can it be done? Can I do it? So far, no problems have emerged. Well, that’s not a true statement. I find myself writing darker and darker and the longings getting more intense. Yee gods, I have just branded myself. Is there a happy ground to make all of these ideas fit? I do not know, but it is with a try for my stories and characters. Sometimes, my characters show me through dreams and even guide my fingers over the keys. Am I off the deep end? No, just connecting with my characters. If there were no connections, I’d have no dreams and no conversing with my characters.

One thing that came from our M&M Conference is the WRITE IN evening. It is hard to get with other writers at the same time for a period of time and write without talking. Sure, talk before and talk after, but during the writing period just write. I have tired this by myself. How? I make a date with me, my computer and the soft jazz Music Channel. There are times I sit and look at a blank screen, but I still sit and look for the period of time I allotted myself. Then, there are times my mind overflows and I do not stop for mistakes, paragraphs, and find the dialog becomes more real and intense. I do not go back and change anything. This is what came from the depths of my soul. This is the time when your brain (and I mean either side) and your fingers are one of the same. When the timer goes off, I save my file and do not read. My sub-conscious has talked through my fingers and I need to wait a while and let this fill me up. I do not even do a word count or look at the bottom of the screen. I’m not in for the count, just the words. May this give you an incentive to WRITE IN with yourself.

Happy Writing to all of you.

P.E.PATTERSON, The Darker Side With Love

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