A Trip To The Farmer’s Market

As I drove out to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, I thought about the first time I ever encountered this place. Years and years ago, it was a small open air place off of Decatur Road. Parking was grab quick, and walk through grass, mud, dirt, sand to the main opening. Hot air flowed inside during the summer and winter brought in the cold air. If it rained, you felt this too. The food was the freshest you could find. The farmers’ trucks brought in their special produce or meats. There were many times, I used my hands and shrugged my shoulders to find out the names of different items. People were open and smiling to talk about their products. It was a small world that consisted of many nationalities and languages.

This day, I went to a huge building with air-conditioning, but still the same feeling of being in another world. If I stood too long in front of something, a person would walk up and tell me how good it is. Or a person would tell me how to cook what I didn’t know what I was looking at. The people have not changed and are still proud of their country’s food grown right here in Georgia.

I have to be careful shopping here, as I tend to go overboard with all the fresh and exciting vegetables, fruit, lentils (so many different kinds), greens for salads or cooking. Cheese from all over the world end up here and a too much in my cart. The seafood is still alive in tanks and people point to the one(s) they want. This includes live lobsters and other water fish. The beef and pork are fresh and makes me wonder if they are still hiding the rest in the back. Chickens are cut up and you can pick out the parts you want. No packages here.

I cannot forget to tell you about their spice section. Anything you’ve seen on cooking shows, you can find right here. I’m sure there are some never seen or used on the shows. Another place where I can go wild. I want to try this, and this, and oops, can’t forget this.

Throughout the building, they set up small stands and give out free samples of their foods. Sweets and deserts are fresh and some still warm from the baking. It is am amazing place to shop and you cannot be in a hurry in and hurry out mode. Too much to see and learn. Yes, this is a educational process in making connection with people of different lands, different ideas, different foods, and right here in the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

I can’t shop here too often, as I get too much. But, I get re-introduced to my kitchen, stove and oven.  If you live near a farmer’s market, you need to take a trip and enjoy the sights and smells of fresh foods. And, do not forget the people of many nations right in your own backyard.

Happy Shopping.  Happy Cooking. Happy Eating. Even my friends, Edna and Ethel enjoyed this trip.

Two friends