An IdeaNow that you have played with your characters and know their secrets, successes, and failures, where will they live? This is an important part of the story, as their traits may change depending on the territory you decide as their home.

Is there a certain state you have visited and would enjoy living there? Have you been to other countries for a vacation that you found interesting? Interesting enough to live there? Maybe you love the mountains, the coast line of the Western states, the small inlets on the East side of the USA, or tropical parts of Florida and Key West. You have so many choices including the place where you reside at the present.

Try several areas and see which one your character(s) prefer. Oh, yeah, they will show you by the way your writing gets easier and more interesting.

No matter what choice you make, be sure to do your homework on the state, the cities, the people living there, interesting places and everything you can find. A writer friend of mine, tries to visit every place he writes about. He talks with the residents, visits their favorite meeting places, and loves to eat at the places they recommend. Of course, we do not always have the opportunity to do this, but as you read this blog, you are looking at the next best avenue…the internet.

Check out all you can on the ‘net,’ and then get busy with using video and do not forget the library. Pictures are another advantage. Yes, this is work, but you want to get everything factual before you give it a twist to fiction.

If you decide to build your own town in a specific area–research. Check under the state you want and search for your town. They will list all the cities, small towns, and villages. See if the name you have chosen is listed, and then double check again with a different spelling. NOTHING…now you are ready to make this your story town. You can create streets, buildings, parks, businesses, make it a small place or a quick paced business oriented city. This is your town and you can make this place fit your character(s) and they will love it.

Let the personality of your individuals become part of this new place they now live. Give them free reign and your story make take off in a direction you never imagined.

Let your characters roam. Have fun. Happy Writing.,