PatriciaFirst, my thanks to all of you, readers, commenters, and followers of my patriciachats Blog. Second, I want to share with you the E-Book publication of my Romantic Mainstream novel, Breaking Point. However, once you begin to read, there is more suspense, twists, turns, and second heat romance.

The publication of this novel by Secret Cravings Publishing. and Sweet Cravings Publishing, has been a process. But with their expert publisher, editor, cover designer, and the open conversations (known as emails), this is now on line as an E-book as of WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015.

BreakingPoint_Draft2Claire makes the biggest mistake of her life when she allows Dave to tempt her away from her first love. Married life quickly becomes a nightmare, and divorce proceedings seem to make things more frightening. A series of events make Claire fear for her safety and she longs to reach out to Steve, the man who once held her heart, but he’s moved on with his life. It will take the support of her friends, a strong backbone, courage, and determination for Claire to break free of Dave. However, her concern compassion for the other women Dave may be tormenting could be her downfall.  Can Claire survive long enough o explore the chance of a future with Steve? Or has Claire reached her Breaking Point?

You will be able to find this on,, Bookstrand,, AtlantaRomanceE-Books, and many more. I’ll keep you posted.

Your comments, reviews will be appreciated and if you want to email me with them, please do. I will post as they are written.

Thanks to all of you and I’ll continue with odd subjects for the blog. Kinda makes it interesting for you and for my ideas to have a chance to fly.