images_063We often look around and see things we think could be better, but we shrug and continue our journey. As, writers we CREATE and we DO to have our characters live and make changes to their lives. If our characters paid no attention to the things around them and did nothing but think of themselves, our readers would holler and scream. No, our characters need to take action, change the world, and most of all change themselves. Then our readers will enjoy the book.

We are the characters in our lives. How would your book read if you put yourselves in as the main character? Would you think about change and do something to make that change happen? Or would the image fade away and you remain stagnant in your lives? Change and action are scary words, even in our writing. Sometimes, too frightening even as we attempt to write a scene for our characters.

How about you? Would your scene stay the same or can you see places where a change is needed? Instead of looking, get off the sofa or out of the chair and become a ‘doer.’ What about using your skills as a writer to vent your ‘doer’ side to a newspaper or a magazine? Volunteer work can become addictive and a good way to make your ‘doer-self’ even better.

When you get yourselves our of the normal hum-drum and into the energy of the world around you, things began to change. A neighbor needs her/his dog walked and can’t do it because of illness. You grab the leash and head out with your new four-footed friend. Soon, you see things you never noticed before and make mental notes of what could be done to improve the sidewalks, trim bushes for safety reasons,. and the list becomes longer and longer. Does one of your characters have a dog? No. Bet she or he will in the next book.

The small changes you make for yourselves adds a new dimension to your lives. You are becoming a creator and that should NOT intimidate you. Look at all the creative avenues you have for your characters. Let your characters become your opportunity to get things done in your lives. Your next book will be more fantastic than you ever imagined.

Happy Possibilities. Happy Actions. Happy Writing. Happy You.