ASAPDare to do something different. If this a heart-stopper, then start off small.  Deposit all of your burdens that do not let you travel light into the trash. If you carry them around with you, your travels will be forgotten and you’ll still be at the same point tomorrow as you are today.

Let go of lists. Oh . . . they carry me through the day and keep me on track, and I ask, “track of what?” No, they do not carry you through each day, they slow you down. Play moment by moment today. Enjoy the present. This is the only time available as yesterday has disappeared and tomorrow is not part of today. Do not get hung up on what might be. Life can change in an instant.

As writers, we make things happen to our characters. We give them mountains they may never climb to the top, and then we can either let them fall down or have the handsome hero come to the rescue. We play with our characters and watch them laugh, smile, cry, run to or run away from something. Much like our own lives.

Look all around and enjoy what you can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. Use all of your senses, some we have a tendency to stick back in a corner, but not today. Pretend you are your own character and write from her or his point of view. How does your character react to the sun on her face? What about the wind and rain beating down on his clothes, as he forgot the umbrella? Take your characters on a trip. This is the one you’ve wanted to travel and never found the time. Well, you have all the time you need, since you are breaking your own rules. Use your characters to fulfill your dreams of going to the highest mountain peak, the bluest ocean, brightest place you imagine, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

I found the notebook with ASAP and used this as a starting point. If you or your characters are always rushing around, where does the comfy part of life fit? Sure, there are things that need to be completed in to certain time frames, but remember to adjust these times and use some of the hours for play.  You and your characters will be happier, more contented, and you will have them jumping off the page into the lives of the reader.

You want to have dinner for breakfast, break your rules and enjoy a new kind of breakfast. Turn your day inside out and bring your characters along with you and watch a new story develop right before your eyes. Have you ever thought about sleeping all day long and using the night for your day?

This is your time. Do something different. Explore with out explanation. Run with the wind. Smile at everything and everyone for no reason. And LAUGH.

Happy Day. Happy Characters. Happy Writing.